Nautyn McKay - what's the verdict?

I've been keeping an eye on this guy and he looks like he's just what the doctor ordered as a defensive end.

Assuming he made the team, do you see him as one of the new leaders who will step up?.....I mean, we know he can bring the wood already but is he a leader too?.....

I think so anyways, from what I see.....

do you?

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Way too hard to tell who the leaders are right now. It’s only preseason. It’ll be a couple of weeks into the season before we find out who the leaders are on, and off the field.

If Nautyn earns respect by making big plays
and keeping his motor running non stop

he may soon become a leader by example.

On most football teams THE team leader is the quarterback.

Why is that?

Quarterbacks by their nature are already
the kind of guy other players like to follow.

Quarterbacks chose to play the QB position in the first place
because of the nature of the quarterback position in the game.

The quarterback controls the football and runs the plays.

If the quarterback doesn't produce results

the team will lose confidence in him
and he won't be THE team leader.

It is Jason Maas's job to be THE team leader.

Stay tuned.

isnt barren simpson the leader of the bombers? ( or possibly stegall )

or cahoon the leader of the als? ( i remember stalla celebrating after a catch and cahoon went and scolded him )

aj gass seems to be the leader in edmonton.

Nautyn will definitely become a leader...Its in him to lead by example and be vocal on the field. Now that he is going to get the chance to start you will see why he was the biggest free agent signing this off season.
If you are sitting in the first few rows at ivor wynn you will hear him yelling, its goin to be great.

Thanks "AllDay"......sorry it took me so long to respond...

I'm glad Nautyn made the team......he looks like a great competitor and has found a home.....
Defensive Ends have always had a history of being leaders on the Tiger-Cats.....

I remember while listening to the first pre-season game and them saying more than once that he was causing havoc on the line of scrimmage.

Val St.Germain (a very experienced and qualified veteran) was called for holding him at least a couple times in the game because he was just too quick and strong. He is also filled with a lot of passion and you can tell he wants to just explode out there.

He was very under appreciated and under used in BC and I think that now that he has the chance to start he is really going to make the most out of it.

He will really hurt a quarterback or two this year.. trust me.

thats a joke the guy kicks opossing players on the ground...

"(aj gass kicking brock ralph while he was on his back)."

Don't forget his cheeser hit on D-Mac

Refresh our memories, if you would, Sack Attack

I agree with Ron here in that by the nature of his position, the QB is generally the team leader. He selects the plays and can often be seen chastising people who fail at their jobs.

On defense, I think the team leader is just as important and I agree with Mikey on this one, in that it is generally a defensive end.

In the past there have also been linebackers who took charge of defenses. Ben Zambiasi comes to mind.

A couple of games into the season will likely reveal who these important players will be.

I met Nautyn at Dofasco Health and Safety Fair, before training camp opened, and have talked to him several times since. He seems like a great guy. I also remember reading an article on written by Daved Benefield saying to look for him to have a breakout year this season.

I predict McKay-Loescher will lead the league in sacks, and the Ticats will have the rookie of the year (either Reid, Bekasiak, Bauman, Gagne-Marcoux, Dyakowski or Glasper).


Without a doubt, Nautyn will be a impact player on the defense. Look for him and Moreno show the way.

Lets start a no money bet on how many sacks he will get this Sat.

I say 2

Okay! I say none, but I hope you're right and I'm wrong.

Looks like you folks have figured out Nautyn pretty well. Whenever he got an opportunity with a deep Lions D-Line last year, he was outstanding. I think whenever he did something great most of the Lions fans just thought it was Brent Johnson doing his thing because their games are similar, motor at full speed. He really flew under the radar in BC. Sorry to see him go.

Yes Willie.. I think Buono really had no clue how good he was. BC's loss is our gain :slight_smile:

Yes, Wally doesn't have a clue on how to evaluate talent.