Nautyn McKay-Loescher & Nick Kordic Released


I guess some members here will be ecstatic now that McKay-Loescher is no longer a Cat. He will probably land on his feet somewhere though. Really thought that his play would have been much better than it was.

I'm not to sure about this move. Perhaps we bailed on him a little early. If we had pass rush from the other end his play may have been better. As it was, the opponents could key on him and double team him knowing that there was no other threat on our line.

Lets also talk about the positives.

Cats also added Mike McFadden:
…set an NCAA record with quarterback sacks in 17 consecutive games…led the nation and set a GVSU single-season record with 19 QB sacks in 2005

and Dennis Haley
16 NFL games scattered over 3 seasons

Both guys look real interesting!!

Another large, unproductive salary shed. Health may have been an issue too- -back problems.

His birth certificate might keep him employed but there isnt a D-line in the league he could start for.

Looks like the CFL is becoming a haven for former AFL players like McFadden. With his stats in NCAA, (17 consecutive games with a sack, very consistant) I think the only reason he may have been overlooked by NFL is because he stands 6ft.

Perhaps the Argos will take a look at McKay at reserve DE to replace the departed Riall Johnson...I mean, he was cut by the 'Cats.

While I applaud moves to strengthen the team and welcome the latest additions to the roster, it is always sad to see team members being cut. Thanks to both Nautyn and Nick for your efforts, and best of luck with your next team and whatever else the future holds.

Exactly. I really liked both of these guys and wish them both well. I really thought NML should have gotten another chance and can't say that I'm doing cartwheels over the fact that I've never heard of any of the guys we're bringing in. But then I guess I never heard of Rodriguez or Setta either. I'll wait and see.

Good call by the Cats on NML. He was a non-factor and no sense wasting time in training camp with him. As for Kordic, a non-factor as well and they will have enough LB's in camp already.

I think Obie is putting his stamp of accountability on this team. If you are one of the higher paid players on this team, or in your position - in essence a leader - you had better be producing and earning your status. I think the culture of this team is changing - and changing to what it should be. Results matter and production from your elite or highest paid players is essential. Therefore exit Casey Printers and NML.

It's about time this team got serious and started making accountability for performance a priority.

:thup: :thup:

Mercury I disagree. I think we should of brought NML to camp anyway to judge the new d- linemen against.Like a previous poster being cdn. good chance he will end up somewhere.B the best of a poor bunch.My guess is his salary and the cap.

Thee moves tell me the Ticats…

-are going to field an all-Canadian O-Line (Rottier drafted at #1 to play RT)
-are going to field an all import D-Line (recently signed Kirk will be a backup)
-are going to try to get LB Tristan Black at #3 in the draft to replace Kordic


This is a good move. With NML back problems he became a non factor. Never lived up to the hype as a pass rusher and IMO should have been moved to DT but hindsight is always 20/20.
Hopefully the guys we brought in can pressure the QB. It looks to me that Obie is finally building the team from the lines out. Good move!

Nautyn McKay-Loescher a good first year as a Ticat in 2007 with 11 quarterback sacks. Unfortunately, he could not overcome a back problem that emerged during the 2008 pre-season and only managed to get 2 quarterback sacks last year. I agree with the posters who point to a combination of his salary plus health issues affecting his on-field performance as the probable reasons for his release.

I don't think I could have said it better myself.

These cuts may have been necessary. Kordic may have impressed during pre-season games. But I don't think he would have had as good a future in the CFL as who his replacement (Tristan Black, maybe?) might be. And IMHO, the signing to McKay-Loescher was a good idea at the time, as a non-import DE that can get 11 sacks in a season must have been worth whatever he was paid. But Desjardins needed to outbid the blue team to get him, and large salary plus injuries equals release. But I wish both of these players the best of luck in the future. Maybe NML will go back to being a backup DE, with a salary that a backup DE would be expected to have.

Anyway, it is interesting to see that Obie seems to be looking to the AFL to improve the front four. McFadden is the third AFL refugee brought in for that purpose. McFadden was on the AFL's all-rookie team, so he might possibly have a future ahead of him.

NML needed some help on the other end of the line . Ob brought in some imports, but none of them could do the job .So you cant expect Nat to fight through the double teams he probably got being the only one on the roster who could get any kind of pressure . I dont think he ever pretended to be a dominant Rush End and i suspect that OB is releasing him because of his suspect back . My kids and I met him on a couple of occasions and he was always a gentleman and easy to talk to . Good luck Nat !!!!

So Marwan gonna get punted?

8) Why waste time bringing him to camp, just to judge him against the new d-linemen. If they are no better than he was, then they must have been terrible signings to begin with !!!
   Loeschers chronic back problems actually started his first year in Hamilton (2007) when he missed 2 games as a result of them !!

  Health issues, plus his large salary and ineffective play all combined to his demise.  

  Also his lack of size made it easier for teams to constantly double team him with ease  !!!

I buy what you say except why does lack of size make it easy to double team.
Why double the little guy?

NML was good when he was a backup and in a good system in BC.

I was not impressed with him his first year here. Yes he had 11 sacks but 1 was memorable. (labour day, you've seen it a million times)

He had sacks but consistently got no pressure from the outside.

I am not of the opinion that it was because of the tackles or the other dlinemen. NML had to beat 1 or 2 guys on every play. All 5 linemen weren't going to be on him at once.

DE is a very individual position.

Bottom line, he wasn't good.

He had 2 moves:

  1. Spin move to the inside and fall down
  2. Spin to the outside and fall down

He was terrible in 08. He wasn't great in 07. We tend to just look at his stats and say, oh he had 11 sacks, must have done well. IMO he didn't do well at all.

I was super excited when NML came, honestly. I thought he was good but I never enjoyed watching him play. He seemed over match and had a motor that quit. I feel that he stayed because he was Canadian.