Naughts at Spies game thread (Sept. 26, 9 pm ET, TSN)

Argonauts at Blue Bombers
Today at 9pm et/6pm pt
Available on TSN HD

The Toilet Bowl! << game preview

I don’t expect to be on tonight, so I hope folks enjoy the games!

Oski Wee Wee,


I want a tie :lol:

As do I, with both teams playing equally poorly.

After last night, I'd like to see a reminder that there are teams in the league that are even worse than we are, and that we don't have to worry about either of these teams catching us, even if we continue to struggle.

Bishop starts from his 40, how long until his first armpunt? :slight_smile:

Let the toilet bowl begin!!

Punt single by Renaud, crowd sounds very pleased with that, as if they know they aren't likely to get many points tonight.

LOL…hear the Bomber fans cheer wildly for the single point!!

blew team putting together an extended drive.. not good for the blew/gold team

But they only get FG out out it, 3-1 blew team.

It seems the Winnipeg crowd is getting excited over any little thing going right for them.

Almost time for a classic Bishop armpunt isnt it?

We are a few minutes into the 1st quarter, so... yes, probably.

And listen to the crowd reaction after the Serna FG. Imagine their reaction if they actually get a TD.

Those do look like crooked goalposts, maybe copycat tried to climb them? :slight_smile:

lol... inept duelling offenses

LOL at WPG QB completion percentage stats. Bishop, with 50% percentage, is better than all others who have been at QB for them. And Bramlet has 13% completion percentage, don’t know why Kelly seemed to be itching to put him in so soon. But this is Kelly we are talking about.

Wow, quite a catch in double coverage there, Amey had to adjust to that though.

Dont tell me the blew/gold team is gonna waste a great catch by Amey

Wow.. this is getting to be a dirty toilet bowl!!

Did it surprise you that they did?

And Belli continues to be a fool, still mouthing off at former teammate Bishop. He was already in The Count's doghouse for that kind of stuff. How long until he gets ejected?

Serna FG, 6-1 Blew Bombers.

Actually 7-3

Hmm, how did I get that mixed up? It's not like there has been much scoring to keep track of this quarter.

It was WPG who got the single, right.

lmao… yea it was

Medlock good after Lucas stalls the drive

7-6 Blew/gold