Naughts at Leos game thread (Sept. 19, 9:30 pm ET, TSN)

Argonauts at Lions
Saturday at 9:30pm et/6:30pm pt
Also available on TSN HD

Go Lions! :wink:

Oski Me Consistency,

Russ's preview of the game -- and Buck Pierce's scheduled start as Lions QB -- is at .

Oski Wee Wee,


TSN pre-game is at the bottom of the hour. :wink:


Evening Russ!!

Good evening HTD!

Did you check my sig? LOL

I did... lol I was gonna say something about it, but you beat me to it, nicely done, looks just like he belongs on that box!!

It's all the training modding my Madden 2004 PC game. LOL :wink:

I might add a cape later. :slight_smile:


So -- I make it 50-50 Pierce gets knocked out tonight. Five concussions in 11 months? Not good for a QB!

Wouldn't suprise me one bit!

Travis Lulay will be in the BC bullpen. :wink:

I was trying to shed a tear during the Buono feature but I have no onions. :wink:

Ugh. Leaf news. LMAO


Keep the six-point bulge!

HTD: You play-by-play

Me: (Off) colour :smiley:

Speaking of knockouts, I'll be following the Mayweather-Marquez fight highlights online, so I will indicate the results thereof. :wink:

Dominque Dorsey is playing for the Naughts as a returner.

Durie makes a short return.

lol I can try, my play by play is not exactly of high quality!!

Foley owns Murphy for a sack against Pickett -- Toronto two-and-out -- bad snap on the T.O. punt, recovered by BC deep in T.O. territory.

Pierce sacked on first-and-goal. Mallett makes a short reception. FG chipshot attempt by Whyte is good...3-0 BC

NP HTD -- if folks are following us for every snap, they are sadly mistaken. LMAO

Bryan Crawford did make a big mistake in cutting off that snap on the punt!