Naughts at Gang Green Game Thread (Oct. 10, 9 p.m. ET, TSN)

Argonauts at Roughriders
Today at 9pm et/6pm pt
Also available on TSN HD's game preview is at .

Can the final nail in the Blue Team's playoff box of Count Chocula be hammered home?

Oski Wee Wee,


This has the makings of a great game (Great because I hate the Argos and great because I do like the Green Riders).

That withstanding, Joseph will have alot of motivation for this game but will it be enough? I highly doubt it.

Mr Joseph, meet Mr Chick and Mr Baggs....Mr Joseph...Mr Joseph!?...

Kerry Joseph: the CFL's Chick Magnet (TM) of the Week. :wink:

And don't forget, the Riders are hungry for a position in the Western playoffs, and they trained that puppy (KJ) and know most of his tendencies and long as they don't get overconfident, we should be treated to a blowout tonight, and a demo of how a really well put together football team can clinically dissect the vaunted Argo defence.

I suspect that Obie and other GM's are going to be staying up late to watch this one tonight!

Note that winter has struck the prairies a little early this year, and that astroturf at Taylor Field.Mosaic Stadium is going to be a little slick, and about the consistency of concrete, when you get tackled on it.

The Riders will just now be removing the game balls from the deep freeze, as they await their guests from Canada's banana belt...


GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TSN2 has the start of the game now -- Black (UGH) and Forde on the mike.

lol Chick already in KJ's face.. knocks the pass down!!

LOL... Shell all effed up over the snow... The blew team broke his ice cherry!!

Don't have TSN2, and so am watching the incredibly boring Golf...

Would you guys mind giving me up dates? At least until I can see it myself?


try to see the game

OOPS! We are "Game ON" and Sask has scored...

Bat Andrus is being "introduced" to a minor chill in Canada.

channelsurfing apparantley does not have TSN2

Chick sacks Joseph..... 2nd and 10 KJ's pass is knocked down...

-12 on the field tonight. Damn!

When all is said and done.. that could be the blew team's score too

"Chick sacks Joseph"...

Well, at least they've met...

No doubt by the end of the game, they'll be really "close", and have swapped a little spit...

Chick should be buying KJ dinner for all the times he's been laying on top of him!!

Hi folks!

Looks like the surprise in the Chocula a "L" LOL :wink:

Welcome Russ

Good evening, HTD!