Naughts at EEEEEEEs Game Thread (Oct.30, 8:30 p.m. ET, TSN)

Toronto at Edmonton
Friday Night Football
October 30, 8:30 p.m. ET, TSN
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No no no no no...don't go there.




We know the SS Argonaut has run aground off Queen's Quay...but supporting them to do Hamilton's work is SACRILEGE! LOL

The Cats need to win in Winnipeg and take care of their own responsibilities! We shall see if we can chalk one up for Chocula at the end of the night!

Oski Wee Wee,


Tonight is considered devil's night by some. TiCat fans cheering for the blue team would be the devil's work. Coincidence?

Never cheer for the blew team.

If we can't win enough games to earn our way to the playoffs then we don't deserve to be there

A good idea I listed in another thread was that rather than cheer for the blew team we can just boo them less than the eskies.

Don't cheer for them.. boo them less! It's a fan loophole when you need a rival team to win a game for you. :slight_smile:'s game preview is at .

Oski Wee Wee,


Interesting concept. Kinda like cheering against the EE's without actually acknowledging their opponent. Brilliant. I'll try it out tonight.

If the Argos win tonight. We win tomorrow , we`re in. :smiley:

Let`s not fool ourselves. Every Ticat fan will want the dreaded Argos to pull a huge upset.

I could care less about the Arso's game in Edmonton.
Let's go into the Peg and give Bishop and the Bombers a tuneup. We beat them in their barn we got homefield for the playoffs. We don't need to rely on the Arso's. :cowboy:

One game at a time, guys.

Yes, the Argo's could do us a favour, but I sure don't like the posted odds, as they have virtually no offence.

Lets work on beating the Riders tomorrow, which is challenging enough.

The Larks can handle the Spies on Sunday, and then we can have a week of pure fan testosterone...we certainly deserve this, after the tough years endured so recently.

I'm starting to paw at the ground....

I think Argos have a QB that need to prove something for next year ...and some other players need to show they play when down and out or in like flin ....So look for some big hitting and a good game ...

I wont say it but .......Go CFL go

TSN coverage is on now.

They said Joseph gets the start..

On the first series the eskie O is playing the same crappy way it has been for a while.

Eskie FG after a decent drive. 3-0 Smoes.

Looks like we're in store for a good mud game. :slight_smile:

Nice lid divots LOL

This is going to be a defensive battle until Ray hits some deep. Toronto is in neutral as always.

Whitlock TD for the Smoes. 10-0

Well, LMAO...let's see if the rouge weapon EXPLODES for the Boatmen. LOL

I cant believe I'm actually saying this...c'mon Argoes.

rinses mouth with with Jack and coke

17-0 Esks now...

Insurmountable methinks LMAO

We'll see if the Naughts can find a receiver who can catch. LOL