Natural Grass vs. Artificial Turf

I was watching an ESPN show on TSN called Pardon the Interruption today(Apr 27), and on it they had a segment on Ricky Williams and Toronto trying to bring him to Canada. I cant quote word for word but here is the gist of what one of the commentators, Mike Wilbon, said-- that he knows a few players in the CFL and they told him it would be a mistake for Williams to come up here. Why? Artificial Turf, the players told him that the surfaces in the CFL are very hard , almost like concrete, along the lines of Veteran's Stadium in Philadelphia. RW's career would be in serious jeapordy if he got injured up here, and the Dolphins basically opposed the move as well. He also said that the players said the facilities are not up to snuff(meaning they are not as good as the NFL's).

I said in another post that I would like to see Taylor Field go back to natural grass, cause I believe that turf can shorten careers. How many times have players been out with turf toe? I will admit a frozen field is miserable to play on, but with the right maintenance, the fields can be playable. So I would like to hear opinions, should CFL stadiums go back to natural grass, or find a better artificial turf.

Obviously the ESPN Announcer doesn't watch many CFL games. With Calgary getting their new turf this Year, Tatlor field will be the only field (Other than Olympic Stadium) that has the Old style artificial turf. The new turf that all the other places have have more cushion and bounce to them. The players have said numerous times on the talk shows that its easier on the body, and especially...NO CARPET BURNS!

Real Grass in Commonwealth is okay. I was their last September and enjoyed the game on Grass. It wouldn't matter to me whether Taylor field chose real grass or the new turf that the rest of the league has.

(PS you get enough rain forreal grasst to grow??? :wink:

IMO i dont like real grass :wink: stay with artifical :!: looks better :mrgreen:

I like natural grass, since for the esks opponenets it provides a psychological disadvantage:)

He got that info from players in the CFL sportsmen,so obviously they would know how the turf feels, and they dont like it much.

I thought natural grass was what got Ricky in trouble with the NFL in the first place!

lol.. I was waiting for that one!

Turf please. Natural grass games later in the year are just terrible. Anybody remember the "whoever can stay standing longest wins" Grey Cup in Edmonton?

Just awful.

He must have been talking to players who don't play anymore. Nearly all fields in the CFL use turf similar to that used in the NFL, so playing here is not likely to shorten his career any more than playing in Miami would.

And if he's suspended, I don't believe the Dolphins can prevent him from playing in the CFL if he wants to. It would actually be good for Miami, since he'll at least stay in shape. Being out of football completely this year will mean the Ricky Williams of 2007 will not be the Ricky Williams of the past.

I say put grass in the Big O It turns a lovely shade of yellowish brown

If I remember correct, when the Bombers put in new turf at Canad Inns Stadium(then known as Winnipeg Stadium), some idiot stole the 'C' at the mid field stripe and they had to replace it. The patch was greener than the rest of the turf and it looked terrible. Its stuff like that can cause serious injuries(luckily no one did get injured), but it is an exmaple of how turf can potentially be hazardous to players. Give me natural grass any day.

I remember that. There was a big square around the "C" for years afterwards; it was like a piece of Canadian history. When they installed the new turf, they should have coloured a square around the new "C" as well, as kind of a tribute to the old surface. :lol:

.......with a low black cast iron fence surround and decorative brick pillars in the corners of the plot.......maybe a flagstone walkway leading from the edge of the field......

One other thing to point out about new "turf", in Saskatchewan's first game of the season in 2004, they were in Toronto playing the Argos, and the Rogers Centre had installed new turf. We had the first possession, with Nealon at QB, he was driving the team down the field and he suffered a season ending injury. I dont think he really quite recovered from that, and now he is in Montreal. It is the very thing im talking about, it seems that people need to realize that "turf", while easier to maintain, can cost football players season or careers, and it is really worth it?

This is a site that wills how you all the field turf installations (the same artificial turf used in the CFL). If you notice it ahs been sued in some NFL stadiums as well.

[url=] ... tallations[/url]

Personally I choose turf over real grass.

natural is better its softer i will know cause i will be a football player in a few days and a soon to be cfl star(hopefully)

Well I would rethink that my young friend the newer turf's available are much easier on the body even in cooler temperatures. Even in dry conditions the grass and the ground does not have much give when a body slams down onto the surface where as the new age turfs have lots of give. Stats also show less injuries with the new age turfs.

RW05, Nealon Greene lost a season and his confidence on one play, where he got injured on the 'new age' turf in Toronto.

rw2o05 I think you have your surfaces mixed. The newer turfs do have more give than the older ones but natural grass is still by far the best surface when it comes to injuries

In terms on which do I think is better, I say Artificial Turf is better. It's better to play on and you don't have to worry about it become rock hard tundar when it's below 20, etc.

my 0.02 cents on my lucky lucky glow in the dark soap box, move along.