National Sports stores

Trust me folks, I do not have shares or any interest in these stores but for the first time that I can recall, their current flyer actually features a page of CFL stuff at decent prices. Funny but the Cats sweater featured has Maas on the back. :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan

Old stock?
Probably the Maas sweater was "Gold" right?

They have Maas in Gold and in Black also. Hitchcock in Black only. You are correct = the jerseys are old stock. There are, however, good buys on T shirts, hats and sweat shirts, and a gym bag.

Just got back from National Sports and bought a hoody for $15. Lots of good stuff. Might go back for $10 t-shirts.

Maas sweaters
1 for $25
2 for $15
3 for $10 and they will throw in a mini football

Can't imagine that there is much of a market for those sweaters.

Will Maybe for Bon Fire They is a Market ..

Tip: Don't rely on Google Maps to locate the Waterloo location. You'll end up in a sub-division.

just spent a fortune. Got to get ot a National sports people. Pants, sweaters, Jersey's, Golf shirts, hats. Tons of stuff and nothing more than 20 bucks!

Is this a Hamilton store exsclusive or all stores? there is a national sports right by my house, but i live in Mississauga.

Well not right by my house, but it's far enough where I would either need to drive or take the bus.

I was in the store at Dorval & QEW Friday around lunchtime - they still had a bunch of stuff but I didn't see any pants or shorts - T-shirts, jersey's hoodies etc....

8) What is the deal for 4 Maas sweaters, Jason himself is thrown in ?????? :wink:

All Ontario stores. It was in their province-wide flyer.

An Argo-Cat fan

Picked up a real nice Hitchcock jersey, a hat and a nice polar fleece hoodie for peanuts. For these prices it might be worth getting a Maas jersey and putting a patch over it. Real high quality stuff.

I went today as well and stocked up on tons of gear! Makes me wonder if the Roar Store will put some type of sale on to compete with a big sale like that? They had stuff going for 10-15 bucks thats 80 and up at the Roar Store. Not much left but tons of that horrible Blue team gear left

It's quite the opposite down here in Mississauga, blue team merch is flying off the shelf, they only had womens hats left. I however got myself a nice Hitchcock jersey, 2 sweaters and a t-shirt all for 60 bucks, probably would have paid 250 at jarvis.

No Hitchcock's made it to Cambridge or Waterloo stores. :frowning:

If it's Jason throwing the mini football, don't go any further than 5 yards. lol

He cant be away from his wife for too long so that wont work...

Thanks a ton Barney!!

The stuff in the Barrie store was kick ass! Beautiful mock neck, fleece pullover, hoodie and baseball style shirt all with EXCELLENT cresting and logos - $15.00 EACH!! Loaded up! Got a few things for the kiddies too…

This stuff would sell for big $$$ anywhere else. Great quality!

Thanks again!!!