National QBs

Als today announced the signings of 2 Canadian QBs - Drew Burko (Sask.) and Jimmy Underahl (Calg.) I didn`t call them Nationals because the designation is irrelevant when it comes to QBs.

I am asking why and what for? We all love the Canadian feel good stories of finding the next Russ Jackson, but as things stand now in the CFL there is no roster advantage to starting a National QB. It doesn`t allow you to use an International elsewhere.

So if youre bringing in QBs to compete, you bring in the best available in North America. Who are generally American trained, its just a reality. Bridge is a legitimate candidate because of his US college training. Highly doubtful Burko and Underahl are future QB prospects.

Unless they are good athletes brought in with the understanding they can be switched to WR, etc.

[i]It's possible they will be asked to switch positions Sheldon. Most likely they are training camp arms. They get the benefit of attending a CFL camp, and the team has people to throw passes to receivers all day, without wearing out the legitimate QB prospects from over throwing.

Here's Johnny's crazy idea of the week. Without modifying the status of canadian QBs by making them nationals, what if a canadian QBs salary did not count against the cap? It would avoid messing up the roster ratios, but would give teams an incentive to have a canadian QB on the roster.

The best case scenario, if a canadian was good enough to be a starter at QB, his salary (typically 250-350K) would not count against the cap.

An extra 250-350K in cap space would be a big boost for a team.


I like it, especially since no team would waste the salary on an unworthy QB - even if the money wasn't part of the cap. But if the player is a reasonable "project", it's a creative way to bring him along and give CIS trained QBs a little extra time to develop.

Will the league agree with this? I doubt it.

J’aime bien l’idée de Johnny, mais à la fin, les équipes risquent de se poser la même question : quel quart sera prêt à être un partant de qualité le plus rapidement?

Je n’ai pu lire l’article et il n’est pas dans ceux publiés sur le site web, mais il y avait une entrevue avec Joash Gesse où il faisait certaines doléances à l’effet que la LCF ne favorise pas le talent canadien. J’espère pouvoir le retrouver quelque part.

Je lai lu ce matin. Ca sappelle "sour grapes".

[url=] ... -canadiens[/url]

I would favor the notion of an equal number of Canadians and imports.

More news:

The Alouettes also got permission for St. Francis Xavier University quarterback Dante Djan to practice with the team in training camp until the team's first pre-season game.