National Post: Tiger-Cats expect to be offensive juggernaut

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Hamilton’s receiving corps will undoubtedly generate much attention. Alongside Fantuz and Giguère are 2011 rookie of the year Chris Williams, Aaron Kelly, Bakari Grant, and Canadian veteran Dave Stala. Appeasing them all might be a problem, but Cortez is unconcerned.

“In the past, [good offensive players at the same position] managed to coexist because they understood, with other good players in the same position, it forces a defence to take away more than one guy,? Cortez said.

Good article Captain. :thup:

You can add all the receivers and running backs you want. The offensive line has to perform or there will be no juggernaut. Burris isn't as mobile as he once was (mostly due to age, but the extra upper-body weight he added a couple of years ago has hurt him in that area) -- it's unrealistic to think that he can make something happen outside the pocket on a regular basis. The O-line has to gel quickly and overcome the absence of Rottier and Hage. If they can excel, Hamilton's offense will be fearsome.

The firepower is certainly there. I am really looking forward to some great battles in the East this season.

Don't forget T.J. Harris and some surprises from training camp. The passing game will open up the running game and once the flood gates open.......I agree with the previous posts. You can have all weapons you need.. it starts with the Oline complimented by the furocious defense.

Hage isn't absent. Drew has reported that Hage's rehab is on schedule and he should be ready for the start of the season.

That's good to know. Starting the season with a rookie center snapping to a new (to the team) QB in a revamped offense with a new feature back wasn't promising.

And we're one missed on a blitz from disaster