National Post no longer has CFL section: P. Godfrey's work?

I was surprised to see the National Post has eliminated it's CFL news section online. They had a CFL section up until last week? If you check their online sports it contains no CFL stories (despite the Post being affiliated with major newspapers across Canada) and they've eliminated the CFL section tab, which contained stories up until last week. There's still sections for baseball, NBA, NFL and Golf? Just no Canadian football.

I wonder if this is new National Post publisher Paul Godfrey's handy work? I realize it's a crummy newspaper, but why would a supposed national publication stop covering the CFL the first week of preseason games? :roll:

Newspapers are dying a slow, painful death en masse.

This is likely some kind of cost cutting measure that will save anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per year.

This newspaper won't even exist at all in another decade (probably much less). It will eventually turn completely digital and likely just cease to exist after it flounders for awhile after that.

There's a CFL page here

And also a CFL page on their sports blog here

[url=] ... ports/cfl/[/url]

the sky is falling, the sky is falling

I find that very weird but I guess they are just going with a few so as not to peeve off others ie. MLS, MMA etc.

Editors are just that, editors of a private newspaper, they can do what they want really and do it to please themselves or higher ups or whatever.

But for me, it makes one more reason why not to go to that website any longer although have to admit I don't go there much anyways, and I've never bought a paper copy in my life and don't plan to in the future.

Perhaps it was removed inadvertently.

They certainly do have CFL stories, I found 4 for just today, but you have to actually do a search to find them. The CFL Scoreboard still exists as well. Not that it matters to me, I don't have the National Post bookmarked to begin with....

Well, last week the Post had a CFL heading like the NFL and NBA so readers could find the CFL stories rather than going through a search to find them on the site. Why does the CFL section not rate a heading under the Sports banner like the American sports leagues?

It was probably taken out by mistake.
Although, I would never go to the National Post for sport news…

Paul Godfrey emits a foul odour of contempt for the awesomeness of Canadian football.

Wow that's a first such report since I joined here -- may the other fans commence the fart and stink jokes too? :lol:

Isn't Godfrey now with OLG and not the Post? :?

I've emailed the Post to get this fixed. I believe they still are a CANADIAN newspaper.

I emailed the online sports editor and got this reply

Good work, Pete and PiCat. I hope the National Post follows through and includes a CFL listing so fans can find CFL stories like they can for the NFL and other leagues.

One reason I brought up this topic was two years ago the National Post had no CFL section. I thought that was odd because they had sections for the NFL, NBA, PGA and other sports, but nothing for the CFL? (or CIS for that matter) I started a thread on this forum questioning why they didn't? Low and behold, two days later a CFL section appeared in the Post along with a CFL listing under their Sports heading. Perhaps this was only a coincidence, but there it was all the same. :thup:

While the Post CFL section was pretty weak it was better than nothing. The National Post is affiliated with some of the top newspapers across Canada which churn out many CFL stories every day, even in preseason. They only have to link to these stories to make a good section, but I guess that was a little much too much effort...especially when NFL stories and videos are so easy to fill their pages with (also see Globe and Mail's football section.)

So, this week after the Post's redesign, I was surprised the CFL heading had gone missing, but the NFL, NBA and Golf headings remained after the "rejig"? I just wondered whose decision it was to remove the CFL, but keep all the other sports? I note that Paul Godfrey is listed as President and Publisher of the National Post, and he is certainly no "friend" of the CFL.

The loss of this heading is no big deal, but I believe it's symptomatic of the media thought process in Toronto and how they "peg" the CFL compared to other sports leagues. With Toronto being Canada's media centre, their perception about the CFL effects media coverage across Canada.

I was just going to say that, Earl. Maybe Godfrey is aiming to take CFL games off of Pro-Line in Ontario?

He is most definitely bad news.

The CFL page is now back up on the Post's website, complete with link directly from their main sports page.

Excellent, the Post listened to the fans. I'll make it a point to read some of it a few times a week online from now on. :thup: