National Post Article - Taking stock of the CFL at midseason

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West: Saskatchewan DL Charleston Hughes
He’s the nightmare that wakes up QBs in a cold sweat. With 12 sacks, he’s six clear of his nearest challenger. He has also caused three fumbles and recovered two through nine Rider games. Oh yeah, he also scored a TD.
East: Hamilton DL Simoni Lawrence
With 47 tackles, three sacks and a fumble recovery, Lawrence has been all over the place for the Ticats, and came up large late to secure a comeback win over Edmonton that may turn the season around.
With a nod to Calgary LB Alex Singleton and DL Ja’Gared Davis, Winnipeg LB Adam Bighill and DB Kevin Fogg, Montreal LB Henoc Muamba and DB Branden Dozier, Edmonton LB J.C. Sherritt and Saskatchewan DB Nick Marshall

8)Good read....thanks Top-Cat :slight_smile: :wink:

Interesting read.

Seems others see and acknowledge Masoli's inconsistency. Validates many posters observations saying as much.

Thank you.

Simoni is a linebacker, who wrote this?

The article loses most of it’s credibility with the 1st two words in it’s title. Johnny Manziel.

The guy has done absolutely nothing so far in the CFL and shouldn’t even be a footnote.

So i take it you didn’t get all the way down to the “trade of the year” portion, where the best trade was trading away Manziel?

I read all of it and didn’t care. The “trade of the year” has made virtually no impact so far to either team and putting Manziel’s name first in the article screams of tabloid fodder.

WOW, you sure are a hater aren’t you. ::slight_smile: What has Manziel done to you for you to spew such vitriol towards him. As far as I can see the guy is trying to get his life in order and has not done anything wrong during his time with the Cats or ALs. 8) I guess once a hater always a hater. :o ::slight_smile:

  1. Yep, some people are born bitter, and remain bitter and complaining for their whole life ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Pretty sad life to have !!

You couldn't be completely more wrong. I feel no hatred towards Manziel and nowhere in my posts will you find that. I'm simply stating that the attention and hype that he is receiving is unwarranted since he has accomplished nothing so far in his time in the CFL. Lower profile names such as Pipkin and Streveler are currently more deserving of praise from the media.

That's why we all assemble on the Ti-Cat's forum. Where we can escape the harsh realities of life and discuss positively with fellow fans the inevitable Grey Cup that Masoli and JJ will win. ;D

Thoroughly disagree with you on the first point. The second point has no bearing on the ARTICLE itself either as typically the writer has nothing to do with what headlines appear above their articles. Editors usually end up writing headlines, and yes, their job is to grab attention.

Not that you and I needed to see that GOTC1. We were there long ago, along with “ I told you so? wrt Zack! Another very good performance by Zack today.

With respect, I disagree.

Jeremiah outplayed Collaros by a wide margin this week. More completions, for more yards, a higher completion rate, more TDs, a fourth quarter game-winning comeback, and an efficiency rating over 125%.

Collaros had a (dare I say it) "mediocre" outing. Jeremiah played great.

There's still lots of football ahead, but if there is any "I told you so" to be done, it isn't by the Collaros supporters, not this week.

Far more importantly, the Ticats beat the Argos on Labour Day!