National Post- 7 page prevue of CFL 2010

The National Post has, I believe, the best coverage of the CFL as compared to other national news papers [ Globe, To Star etc.,] with at least one full page of CFL content every week. Todays NP prevue of this coming season is excellent. It features a lengthly 7 page analysis of the coming season. There are descriptions of the happenings of each team and some articles on specific players such as Cloe Lemons [QB Toronto ] and other interesting content. This is the best coverage of the coming season- not to be missed by avid fans, like ourselves, who relish the CFL season. Be sure to get todays NP!!

Kudos to the National Post for also creating a CFL section and a heading in their Sports section so fans can find the CFL stories, just like the other major leagues. :thup:


The term National Post is in itself an oximoron. It should be correctly titled the Toronto Post and as with the Toronto Globe and Mail, I don't read it!

To the National Post is the ONLY truly national news outlet. I rather enjoy reading it. Certainly is a worthy CFL preview. Nothing Toronto-centric about that.

Is this the same National Post that everyone was trashing a few threads down for deleting their CFL header on their website?

Props to the Fantaseh panel for participating in the article!