National Post - 5 Page CFL Preview

Great to see the Post's feature this morning - 5 Big pages about the CFL. Great feature on the top 20 players in the CFL as rated by coaches, general managers. (no Ticats)

This AP article talks about the top players too, mikem

click here

I will see if I can get a link the National Post article.

No surprise...

I will pick up a copy for sure.

Here’s the link:

[url=] ... n=CFL+2007[/url]

Pick an article out here, folks
and share your feelings on it.

Don't get all paranoid on us, Earl.

This one [and others ] are on the Tiger Cats

I like this quote in that article

Desjardins said, "When I first got here...
the biggest problem with the organization:

the business side dictated
what the football side did.

It's come a long way.

It's night-and-day compared to where it was."

How true.

Finally, the media (papers, radio and tv) is providing some decent coverage of the CFL. It's way overdue and very welcome.

An Argo-Cat fan

Gosh, you mean Ron Lancaster was telling the truth on how he was shut out of football decisions by the non-football people.??

Sounds like the Little General has a BIG APOLOGY coming from all you on-line ignorami and Fifth QTR brain surgeons who blamed him for everything.

ron, I was being serious about picking up a copy, honestly I will. I am impressed with this coverage.

this is why David Sauve left because to many non football people making football decisions hopefully this being corrected