National Home Show and The Grey Cup

Went to the Home Show today in Toronto; got there early, but the crowds built quickly. Found a booth hosted by the Argos. The had the Eatsern Championship trophey and the Grey Cup on display. Had our picture taken again with the "old girl"....the Cup, not my wife.

Was surprised that the Argos did no promotion for this; at least that I am aware of. If we hadn"t stumbled onto it, we'd have missed it. Not many people stopping by......

I still think the Cup is a selling point for the league and a thing of beauty!

No question the CFL and GC is a thing of beauty, but no matter what marketing, the NBA shorts to the knees sort of thing mentality rules now in Canada with so many immigrants not even knowing what a gridiron ball looks like or what it is and when they look and take a bit of a peek, they stumble upon the 90 percent of media showing American football with the rest what we have.

The way it is. The NBA is the future for the youngsters, even if one team in Canada is the way it will be for quite a while I think. For a kid, to be "cool" for the ordinaries, you wear NBA stuff.

Saw it last year when the 100th GC train came through town…a true work of art IMHO.

I think you base your opinions based off of one small region of Canada. Canada is a very large country with a lot of different cultures so that doesn't really apply. I think here in Vancouver the CFL probably gets more coverage than the NFL and I think people at school would look at me funny if I wore an NBA jersey to school.

Nice stuff Ladner. :thup: Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy basketball somewhat and think it is a great game in many respects.

What's an NBA? Seriously, I don't think I've seen an NBA jersey in Calgary in 10 years.

I see that all too often here in Lethbridge. Kids downtown thinking they're all gangsta or some such shit.

There is no comparison with the NBA being a niche sport in Canada, as the TV numbers confirm it is mostly family and friends.
The GC with it's trophy is tradition personified.

You know, I actually used to watch the Raptors back in the day. Now it's just....booorinngg. Can still watch basketball live but on tv? Just no. Maybe the NCAAs will change this as a buddy and I usually get together for a few quaffs when march madness is on but the NBA just puts me to sleep.