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So this is what I can find for the 2021 Ratio rules
45 man active roster
Max 20 Americans
Min 21 Nationals
Min 1 Global
Additionally the practice roster must include a Min of 2 Nationals
Someone correct me if this is incorrect.

Looking at our current roster we have 21 nationals on the active roster and 2 nationals on the practice roster. None on the one game list. If one more national is injured before we get players back from the 6 game we can't make the ratio requirements.
What happens then?
Will we have to pull a national form another teams taxi squad?
Can you do that for non covid related issues?
If so it's a good thing they have taxi squads this year.

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Is this possibly why we played a man down last game? If your short 21 Nationals you have to play short players?

You would think they would bring in a couple of Nationals in, and soon, for depth purposes especially , but as you know there never seems to be a sense of urgency regarding players this season. Must be the Covid budget kicking in.

You can raid other team's practice rosters if the player in question has a 'practice roster' contract.

(From CFLdb FAQ): Practice roster contracts allow a player to be signed by another club to a regular player contract, meaning the player must take an active (46-man) roster spot. The club that currently holds the practice roster contract has the same option to place the player on the 46-man roster to avoid losing the player. Players on the practice roster are not allowed to sign a contract with another team until they are released from their contract or the contract expires.

There are no league restrictions to how long (how many seasons) a player may stay on a practice roster. It is purely a player's decision to accept a practice roster spot when offered by a team.


They only had 20 Nationals listed for the Ottawa game and STE was a late game scratch so only 19 dressed and we played the game a player short. Also, Mason Bennett was just added to the roster bringing it to 21 Nationals but that will go back to 20 because they will remove Tom Schnitzler from the active roster.

So last week they were already in violation of the ratio rules even before STE was scratched. I guess it doesn't matter then.

There was no violation of the ratio rules. Instead of dressing 21 Nationals they are dressing 2 Global players which means one less National is dressing. Another thing is they can choose to dress either 44 or 43 players on game day. They chose to dress 43 players against Ottawa.

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CFL site list 45 man roster as
Max 20 American
Min 21 National
Min 2 Global ( adjusted to min1 for 2021)
Plus 2 QBs

Game Rule Ratio -

So you are saying they can mix and match national and global players but can not exceed 20 american players. That would explain why they still scratched Jackson

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Unfortunately for National players, that looks like the case. For every Global player dressed exceeding the minimum of 1 a National roster spot is gone.

Argos claimed a long snapper from another taxi Squad after reinharts injury so yes Players can be claimed for non covid reasons

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Good to know. We may have to do some shopping if our injuries continue to pile up.

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The "Min 21 Nationals" on Shutt40's list must be incorrect. The TiCats have had only 20 Nationals on their game day roster for the majority of their games this season.

The 21 National min came from the CFL site. It would seem the only hard number is 20 Americans max.

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I agree, but think there are 2 other hard numbers , both minimums, 2 QBs and 1 Global..

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I doubt the 2 QBs is a hard number. If a team was stupid enough they could dress one and just drop that game day roster spot. Or they can dress 3 and drop an american from the game day roster.

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Just to add more confusion to the game day roster you only need to dress 36 players total to avoid a cancelation under the covid rules. No idea what the ratio would be for that.
CFL unveils its COVID-19 game cancellation policy | CBC Sports

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