National Canadian Arena Football League 2014


National Canadian Arena Football League is founded on the basis to provide a family oriented and affordable experience to Canadian residents.

We are in the slow development stages at the moment in process of creating logo and site. Check back regularly for updates.

We are currently seeking teams 6-8 and players for our 2014 debut season. If you are one of the above or a business minded person and is interested in this opportunity please drop us a line on our Facebook page and we will be happy to discuss your opportunities.


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Best of luck with this!

Hmmmm, when are they going to play?

Head to head with hockey?
Head to head with the CFL?

CFL is family friendly and pretty affordable.

who are the first 5 teams already selected?

none of the links seem to be active. :?

The Gliebermans own the Ottawa franchise :twisted:

Epic Fail.

Their biggest concern is trying to design a logo?


Sadly...As much as i think 3 down ball is more suited to a Hockey size arena. neither one of those links works anymore and there is not internet connection anywhere to this league. I think they crashed even before takeoff. Too bad i would have loved to see this.

They have changed their name to the GIFL .

Gaston Ironman Football League?

That appears to be what it is but it is not what I thought it would be it is an 8 on 8 no pads league.
It may be better for Canadian Cities to play in the current Arena Football league in its new format. Players from the Canadian Teams can be made up of Canadian Rosters. It has become a very good league with little expense as the players are provided with Housing and Meals and $450 a game.
The Arena league itself owns 50% of the teams and assigns players to a team in which they are connected to regionally by the University they attended or where they live. Perfect place for CFL Canadian players that are on the bubble to sharpen their skills. The CFL already recruits very heavily from the Arena League for import talent.
London may be good place for a franchise as it could participate in the east conference teams Phila, Pitts, and Clevland. John Labatt Centre would be perfect with a capacity of about 10,000. Coaches could come from University or Junior teams in the area to supplement their salaries in the off season.