national anthem

Didn't catch who did the national anthem, but wasn't she special! That was the nicest rendition of O Canada I've heard in a very long time. TSN's production of the game overall is really working for me. That may or may not be the general feeling out there.

Her name is Nikki Yanofsky

She's an AMAZING up and comer who has been around since she was just eleven or twelve. He voice is obviously getting better as she gets a little older. She's gonna be a HUGE star.

You know, it’s sad to say it, but I think that might have actually been the first time I heard our anthem sung in French. Very nice job by the girl.

The anthem was nice. On TSN, I wish they would have given some locker celebration coverage rather than bolting right to NFL football. Pretty cheesy. I thought the NFL game was going to TSN2.

They had a few interviews, they showed the presenting of the Cup and the passing around, etc. I was satisfied. But you reminded me, I have to check and see how my Colts are doing. :?