National Anthem

Does anybody know who to cantact reguarding the singing of the national anthem.I know a girl with a lovely voice who would probably do it.I don't know about anybody else, but I prefer to see a young girl singing the national anthem over Matt Hayes or the barber shop quartet.

Check with Mikey, he can probably point you in the direction of somebody who can point you in the direction of whoever you need to talk to.

I wanna see Bobby do it.

Him or maybe that lovely William Shatner, if his singing is half as good as his'll be something we'll remember for decades!!!

lol - Shatner a good actor?? let's hope his singing is not half as good as his acting - ouch

Now if you said Jean luc Pecard - Star Trek Next Generation, Patrick Stewart - now there is a great actor.

theres a girl(woman) in hamilton named jaime(sp) who has sang the anthems in Buffalo and is a great singer. she has tried here in hamilton to do it with no success. i guess she needs to gain weight,get a george hamilton tan and be able to read the weather.

How about Canadian Idol Brian Melo.

The contact would be Gerry Fonzo at 905.547.2287. He selects all anthem singers. National anthem singers are selected prior to the season for all games and I would suggest, if you or someone you know is interested, to contact him early for next season.

Regarding Brian Melo, he will be singing at the next game.

Oh really?

Brian Melo was selected prior to this season? :wink:

I wanna hear Dennis K.C. Parks again !