national anthem

I want to first commend the Ti Cat organization for having so many talented groups perform our national anthem at our Ti- Cat games over the Bob Young years as owner of our Cats... The groups have been most entertaining... and patriotic.....
But there are many talented anthem singers who have not been asked to perform the anthem on an annual basis over the years who are very much a part of our celebrated TiCat and Hamilton community...........
For those of you who have heard FERN VIOLA sing the anthem at Labour Day games past and other games, I am sure you will agree it is time for the team to get him to sing our anthem at some of our games , esp the big games like Labour Day.....and later at potential playoff games..... By the way not only can he sing the anthem with patriotic fervour... he is a paid season ticket supporter of our team for over 30 y ....
For those of you who dont know , Fern was asked to sing the US and Canadian anthems at the first CFL game on CBC after the 911 postponement of CFL game back in late September , 2001...
Also, Fern , who was last year's recipient of the Sons of Italy Citizen of the Year Award has sung our anthem at many veteran affairs events . The late Prime Minister , Mr. Pierre Elliot Trudeau called him Mr. O Canada.
So... Mr. Caretaker ( Bob Young) ... ask those who have heard him sing our wonderful anthem at civic and veteran events, if he should sing our anthem at at least 1 or 2 games???
Let him get the crowd in the game with his patriotic rendition of the anthem... by the way .... in the past when Fern Viola sings the anthem the Cats win more games than they lose...... check that one out....
GO CATS GO..........

Having our own anthemn singer would be a nice tradition.

Brian Melo would be cool. Or anyone famous from the Hammer.
I even liked when Matt Hayes did it.

i think the hamilton bulldogs has a competition based on people singing the national anthem. Don't quote me on that but I remember reading that before.

I've volunteered to do it before. If you have Leafs TV you might catch me tonight. I can understand that many people would want to do it. It is an awesome privilege. Every time I get a chance to go to the ACC and sing it, I love it. I would love to do it at Ivor Wynne some time.

The late Prime Minister , Mr. Pierre Elliot Trudeau called him Mr. O Canada.
I wouldn't want to brag about that fact, when you consider the source !!!!!!!

Sounds like he's had quite a few opportunities to do what a lot of other people would really like a shot at.
Personally I really enjoy hearing kids sing it and think we should bring in different choirs from local schools.

(canucklehead) Sounds like he's had quite a few opportunities to do what a lot of other people would really like a shot at. Personally I really enjoy hearing kids sing it and think we should bring in different choirs from local schools.
I tend to like this theory best, since if one performer is booked for the job and for one reason or another, gets sick or can't make the gig, a choir is a good option.

Fern Viola sings in a wonderful choir just down the street from IW Stadium. (St. Anthony's Choir) Fern is one of the main soloists in this choir.

I'm very curious now, having read his/her post on this thread, who RevClark is.

He/She has volunteered for the job and may be worth a look by the organization.

I would caution TiCat management to make sure that whoever it is that selects the performer, has an ear for music.

I am as proud to be a Canadian as anyone else. And I certainly have never been accused of being a rebel. But.....why do we need to sing the national anthem at a CFL game....or a hockey game for that matter?
Seems to me the nation anthem should be reserved for when Canada competes on the international stage.
I remember the days when it was played at the end of the show in movie theatres. The practice mercifully ended after years of it playing in empty theatres because the audience all headed for the exits during the credits.
The national anthem is something special and had no relevance in a place of entertainment.
Seems to me it also has no relevance at any sporting event. Lets drop it now before we drop to the level of the U-S where entertainers who can't sing reduce their anthem to an embarrassing joke.
I should add that I don't expect the anthem will be dropped at CFL or hockey games. I am just asking...why do we do it?


Most pro sports sell themselves with at least a bit, and often a lot, of the tradition/patriotism/old-fashioned family values angle. The CFL and NHL sure sell that angle in Canada.

If nothing else, it's the nationally-understood signal to get to your seat, the game's about to start

BTW, wasn't the anthem played BEFORE movies? No wonder that tradition died - got in the way of the commercials.

If we dont play the anthem before games how will our kids ever get to know the words.

Hello mr62cats and Hamilton fans. I thought I would say hello from Winnipeg. I hope you don't mind. Interesting topic. Anthem singers in Winnipeg audition as far as I know. They want to see if the person can sing for obvious reasons and then they have a list they can draw on. I assume your name is from the 62 Grey Cup, Hamilton vs Toronto. Also know as the Fog Bowl. The only game in CFL history that was suspended during a game. I lived in Toronto at the time and my parents were at the game. I was 12 years old and watching it at home on television. Black & White tv,the screen got greyer as the second half wore on.Eventually you couldn't see anything. Game stopped with a little over 9 minutes to go. You still here people talk about that game from time to time. Hope we have a good game this weekend but we can't get to friendly here, Hamilton 18 Winnipeg 28. All in fun, Good Luck

The playing of the National Anthem at sporting events and in theatres started early in the Second World War.

Prior to the war it didn't happen. It served its purpose at the time. In my opinion, that time has passed. HOWEVER....

I was present at the Skydome when they played the World Series game at which 50,000 people sang both the American and Canadian anthems. Inspiring experience! I get goosebumps watching an NHL game from Edmonton or Vancouver when the fans wholeheartedly get into the singing of the anthem.

So, while the singing has outlived the purpose it had 60-70 years ago, it can still inspire, when sung well, as an anthem, not as a pop song. And particularly when it is sung by the whole crowd. There's where I would draw the line. If the whole crowd is singing, GREAT! If it's a single performer, maybe it doesn't serve the same purpose.

(My thoughts only.).... Wilf

i'm pretty sure the ticats dont audition anthem singers,its just whoever signs up.after all, they even used Matt Hayes


Good point on the crowd versus a paid singer.
The U-S national anthem has become a prop for many singers to do their thing. To me that denigrates the anthem.
Luckily for us, CFL and hockey singers sing O Canada the way it was written. I agree with you about the crowd singing. Nothing like it.
However I still vote for the anthem to be dropped at CFL games (with the possible exception of the Grey Cup)...and let the crowd go crazy with Osi Wee Wee instead.


Welcome to our forum! I remember the fog bowl well....Jackie Parker called it "the best best game he never saw" ( I am still ticked over Winnipeg's win!)...but that wasn't the reason for my forum name. I left Hamilton after high school to join the RCAF in 1962 so I thought that was an appropriate year to remember.


Years ago the anthem was always played at the end of the final show at movies I attended. That was long before commercials became part of the show. Either way though, people avoided it like the plague.

Argo president Keith Pelley will be singing the anthem at the next Sask and Edmonton games. He bet the reps of these two teams that they couldn't stop smoking and he lost. He also donated $$$ to children's charities out West.

An Argo-Cat fan

From the files of "Who Gives a Rats Patooey?"

I guess I'm old enough to remain extremely patriotic. I love to hear the National Anthem sung, particularly by the crowd.

I lost several relatives in WW2 and I'm fully aware that had it not been for men and women like them, we likely wouldn't even have baseball, football or hockey to watch. We'd all be watching soccer which frankly, bores the hell out of me.

Not only should the National Anthem not be dismissed, it should be sung whole heartedly with pride and passion.

In terms of movies, I'd gladly trade some of the lousy TV commercials they now show in theatres for the Anthem, although, I don't think the Anthem or these ridiculous commercials are necessary at a movie.

I enjoy the Anthem at major events and it doesn't have to be November 11th either.

Many lives and suffering and family separations were part of the price paid for our freedom and I firmly believe, we should never forget, but rather celebrate our freedom frequently. I certainly don't take it for granted, but apparently many people do.

To answer the question RevClark is Rev. Gord Clark. I have sung the national anthem as well as the American national anthem a couple or more times a year at the A.C.C. for Leaf games over the last 7 years.

I was born in Burlington, grew up a huge Ticat fan and went to a few games as a child, adult and last Firday night with my son.

Last night I sang at the A.C.C. for the Leafs/Sabres game and I am honoured to do so every time.

It was not much fun as far as also being a huge Leaf fan but my son and I had a great time though I will state very clearly he liked the Ticat score last Friday a whole lot more than last nights score.

As many have posted, I also consider singing the anthem to be a privilege and not a show and love it when people sing along. I'd be happy to come and sing it at Ivor Wynne but also know that many very talented people, choirs, children etc... would love to do as well.

Obviously, I think it is a great way to celebrate our freedoms and to start a game be it football, hockey or whatever but that's just my opinion.

I have a suggestion.
On Military day get a video of some of our boys and girls in the services ( home and abroad ) singing the anthem and play it on the big screen.

I would have the Lancaster fly over to start it off and I would end it with the CF-18 flyover.