National Anthem @ Ti Cat Games

Over the past 2 years the Cats have used a number of groups to sing O Canada. They have been great. It would be great if they would call upon Mr. Fern Viola to sing the anthem at least at 1 game. Fern Viola , a Hamilton native and TiCat alumnus, has sung the anthem before at Ti Cat games , at many local functions, Remembrance Day services to honour our veterans and Blue Jay games. In fact, in the past when he sung the anthem , the Cats usually won. Something to consider Mr. Young, esp for Labour Day.

I've know Fern (actually Ferdie) for years and he has a wonderful inspiring voice along with a knack for getting the crowd to sing with him.
Make us proud this year, fans and sing this anthem like you mean it.
Lets never forget what it stands for. (Politics aside, of course)

As a citizen of another country I feel really embaressed when I go to a Ticat game and the Canadian National Anthem is played, which by the way is a very beautiful anthem, and I see quite a few people that fail to take off their hats. I want to go slap the hat off their heads!!! When I see that done here I usually will tell the person to take off their hats in honor of our country.

here here Steve. :thup:

I always enjoy Ferd do the anthem. Its classy, inspiring & respectful. He hasn't done it in a while but he should be part of the Hamilton Ti-Cat Tradition. Heck, we might even win more.