National Anthem Reflection and Poll

Last game we had a choir that sang the anthem as written and who managed to lead the crowd (those who wanted to) in singing. Today there was a nice young woman who did the anthem as a performance. She changed notes and timing and those trying to sing with her were completely lost.(Unfortunately she also sang without accompaniment and went flat multiple times. It's hard to sing in such a setting.)

What do you think? It the anthem something for the crowd to participate in or have times changed so much that we now consider it to be a performance piece that we want to just listen to.

Having a policy on this might help the staff picking the singers.

The best anthem singers are the ones that get the entire crowd singing along with them. It is spine tingling when the entire crowd gets involved.

As far as I'm concerned, the point of opening the game with the anthem is to show respect and gratitude that we live in a country where events like this are possible. When a singer insists on "styling" the anthem and "making it their own", I personally view it as a show of disrespect for what the anthem symbolizes, and disrespect for those who wish to express their national pride by singing along. The point of having the anthem performed isn't to celebrate the creativity of that week's performer, it's to celebrate the country we live in. Of course, the freedoms we enjoy mean that the performer has the freedom to "make the anthem their own" just as anyone in the audience has the freedom to remain seated, keep their hat on, or turn their back on the flag during the anthem. Personally, I prefer to respect the ritual and sing along. While I acknowledge the freedom of others not to show their respect, I don't approve of their choice.

It seems trendy in the US and Canada for singers to drag out anthems as long as possible. I heard the comment that Saturday's singer rarely gets on TV so she was taking all the time she could get. Shame

The national anthem is meant to be sung as written; music and lyrics.

It is my opinion that everyone should join in and proudly sing this testament to Canada,

our country which people fought and /or died for.

It should be a solemn occasion where people sing to the best of their ability with no fear

of having a poor voice or singing off key. I consider it to be a prayer.

God forbid I'm going to mention the NFL in a thread about the Canadian National Anthem - but one of the BEST moments as it relates to O Canada came in the first regular season Bills in Toronto series games against the Dolphins. They had some woman sing the Star Spangled Banner, kind of slow but not ridiculously so. Then they introduced another singer who apparently had a current hit at that time to sing our anthem.

She started singing. Many of the nearly 50,000 there were ready to sing along with her. No word of a lie - just the first two words 'O Canada' took her at least 10 seconds to sing. She continued as slowly with 'our home and native land' taking at least another ten seconds. It was at that point as if all communicating telepathically that the entire crowd took over singing three times as fast as she was - so loudly that she had no choice but to join us at our speed.

I swear almost every single person in that crowd sang and we all had giant smiles on our faces giving each other the thumbs up and high fives when done. We had taken over and given one of the most stirring renditions of O Canada that I have ever been a part of.

Even after the game some of the Dolphin players mentioned in post game interviews how awesome and moving it was the way the entire crowd sang 'O Canada'. I don't think they realized we took it over because no way were we going to allow that woman to sing it like a dirge. It was brilliant!

As long as we are talking about anthems - does anybody else remember eons ago when a kazoo band played O Canada once at Ivor Wynne?


Putting a different angle on this subject...I wish all teams would instruct their players to stand (without moving around) at attention, in a straight line for the full time the anthem is sung or played. It drives me crazy when I see players rocking around, twisting their neck or just looking disinterested. Show some respect! It looks bad when they show NHL games and you always get the "rockers" and especially the morons that start skating off with about 10 seconds to go in the anthem. Surely one minute without movement won't result in their muscles seizing up. Maybe many of you couldn't care less but it is something that has always bugged me at games. Okay I'll get off my soapbox now!

Right on!! :thup:

At last year's East Semi anyone else remember MTL players walked right out on the field during the Remem. Day moment of silence ? Brutal.

How about this that just happened on Friday

Edmonton Eskimos fail to stand on guard for thee

[b]Either the Edmonton Eskimos are extremely ignorant or somebody with the team is a screw-up.

For the singing of the national anthem just prior to Friday's game at TD Place -- while the Ottawa RedBlacks stood at attention on the sidelines and 24,000 fans had risen from their seats -- the visiting team remained in its dressing room.

In the country's capital, with the prime minister in attendance, they snubbed our song.

How disgraceful. They may as well have horked on the flag, too.

Now, according to TV reports, the Eskimos claimed they didn't hear the introductions. But it was 7:34 p.m. and kickoff was scheduled for a minute later. Are they unable to put two and two together? Are they unfamiliar with the a tradition that has preempted sports events forever? And members of their support staff were in place by the bench, but the players didn't know enough to join them?

You might give the Eskimos a mulligan, except for the fact they have missed the introductions and JUST made it out in time for the anthem their last two road games, in Montreal and Winnipeg.

And if it was a honest mistake, you'd expect the Eskimo players to emerge from their room at song's end with their tails between their legs, not waving their arms wildly at the crowd.

At least one of those E's on their helmets should stand for embarrassment.[/b]

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It has also been noted that the Edmonton Coach doesn't believe in handshakes with opposing coach at games end!

Oh Canada and the Star Spangled Banner both tell the story of two great Countries and their people, who just happen to be neighbors. For me when I hear Oh Canada I stand and Honor the Maple Leaf the same as I do for the Stars and Strips. It even feels good to hear the audience sing Oh Canada as a true tribute to Your Country and you, the people of Canada. I am glad to have neighbors, friends, like you!
As for performers, good grief most destroy both Anthems, the worst is NASCAR! As for sports, there is NO reason why the players can't stand at attention and realize that it is what those Anthems and Flags stand for that give them the opportunity to pursue their career as they do.

If I recall the story correctly, Marc Trestman actually had his players practice lining up for the national anthem when he first came to Montreal.

I am in total agreement with the sentiments expressed here. All I can say is sing loud and proud and teach your children likewise. Thats how I learned, from my mom at Ticat games.

Agreed. All I ask is the singer sings the parts in french otherwise it's a bunch of fans just mumbling to themselves until the English starts up again. Lol

Probably best to get rid of anthem at sports events anyways. All it does is possible people off.

Congratulations! You sir were raised right and are a living tribute to your mother (a fine lady I am sure). :rockin:

Unless you learn to sing the French parts. :slight_smile:

Hahahaha no I'm good thanks anyways :wink: