Nathan Rourke

I think we’re very soon going to hear a lot more about this guy

I am curious to see which team will draft him and at what spot in the CFL draft he will be taken.

I’m also curious if his brother will be taking over for him next year. He’s a freshman at Ohio this year and a QB as well.

Btw, someone should tell whoever wrote up his bio in the linked article that Rourke won the Jon Cornish award, not the Joe Cornish award.

I noticed that too. I don’t expect Ohioans to know anything about Canadian football. I’m surprised they even referenced his Canadian accomplishments.

Ranked #3 in December CFL Scouting Bureau rankings

Good ole JOE Cornish.

Jon’s lesser known cousin

"The dual-threat QB finished his Ohio career with a 24-13 record as a starting quarterback and was under centre for three-straight bowl victories. Ohio matched the University of Toledo (1969-1971) and Miami University (1973-1975) for the most consecutive bowl wins in Mid-American Conference history. "

He was also named MVP in his final game.