Nathan Rourke starts for Lions against Riders

REGINA — All signs pointed to Michael Reilly starting for the BC Lions on Friday night but when the team hit the field for their first series, it was rookie Canadian QB Nathan Rourke with the controls.

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Still in 1st half (over 8 min left) and Gophers are slaughtering the Lions. Time for the Officials to call the mercy rule.

Great comeback Lions. You made it a game and although you didn't get the "W" you certainly deserved it for the effort. Now that is CFL football ! So glad it's back!

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Oh I have missed this great game.

Not sure whether to be encouraged or mortified by my Lions. Reilly shouldn't have dressed, his arm looked scary, he's going to be a huge question mark. O-line looked good, a major concern, but where was the D in the first half? Different team in the second. Hopefully Rourke & Namasaki work out some rookie nerves.

'Mike' (I hate 'Micheal') is as heroic as it gets but he eats their salary cap. Rourke went from pathetic rookie punching bag to near football god in only one game. If he keeps improving at this pace for the rest of the season then the situation flips. BC gets to free up half a mil in cap space going into next year.

Rourke's play was part of the encouraging side. Reilly was part of the mortified. The Lions like you say have put a lot of their eggs in one basket with him & right now that basket is headed for the ground at a frightening clip. Right now it's not looking like a good deal for the Lions, hope that changes.

are you a fan of Mike Jackson music??

Not sure if you know, but Reilly decided to go with "Michael" now, to honour his mother, who died earlier this year. His mother preferred "Michael".

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Alright then, does anybody know what is actually going on with Michael Reilly?

What a strange game.

He could've waited until after his playing career was over to ask for that name change. Everyone watching him play was used to 'Mike'. If he was so worried about what his mother thought why didn't he insist on being called 'Micheal' from the start? Where's his consideration for the people paying his salary? While we're talking about 'consideration', why did he trot out onto the field
after the half when he clearly hadn't informed his coach that he was going to do so? Who's in control there? The coach or the quarterback?

Eh, when a player says he does something to honour his mother who died, I'm going to go ahead and believe him and it's not very hard to do that either.

Now you keep doing you then on that point.

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As for the rest of your post on Reilly, within my question above about what is going on in general, I have that same question as I believe do others but of all I have read there are not many answers.

From what I can glean after watching the highlights from the second half, Reilly's arm would not have been alright even had the injection he took had worked.

He was throwing quackers all night. Shame on the Riders' secondary for allowing some of those completions.

When a QB throws a quacker, and this goes back to higher level high school ball, a solid defensive back will go right to ball not worry so much about the receiver because a good receiver is doing the same. It becomes more a game of jump-ball. I saw an awful lot of flat-footed staring at wounded ducks by those defensive backs of the Riders.

And so back to Reilly and what in the heck is going on with him?

what is going on with him? It's pretty clear he has a severely damaged elbow. And its pretty clear he's calling the shots i would say.

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Wow. As if the injury is not bad enough as was evident, the latter reality is adding plenty of pain to the team.

I'm thinking Reilly is going to be out awhile. The coach should groom O'Rourke and put his foot down the next time Reilly can't throw anything but quackers, for even when Reilly heals the chance of re-injury from such an elbow during the season is very high and the Lions will need O'Rourke to be solid with gameday experience.