Nathan Rourke in Jacksonville 2023/ New England 2024

Walker was on the Redblacks Neg list a few seasons ago. Would have been nice to see him at least try the Canadian game up here after a stellar season in XFL v.2


I wouldn’t want him in Edmonton either with those stats. We’ll see what Seattle does with him.

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Welcome back. There’s much on which to catch up I know. Behold our new mission as posted above.

Besides the usual suspects already noted above like Spitshine Mahoney, now we have more such as the likes of Smokeshow McGee and Beef Broth Bates showing up.

It’s getting out of control!

Our Evil Family and Team are ready for duty again and await your next update.


Minnesota Vikings

The last time Sam Darnold was a starter for much of the season was 2021. 2019 was his best season. Bojack Jenkins has showed up. So now this.

I would not be surprised at all if Rourke ended up making a stop in Minnesota too.

New York Giants

Next man up already for the Giants? Full recovery from a torn ACL is anything but a solid proposition,.

I figure Rourke gets his chance in the preseason again and then should Jones play horribly again, or easily re-injure himself given the nature of that injury and the turf, well here we are now.

We’ve set up our operations base for scouting purposes around Secaucus.
Or at least that’s what we’re going to tell you now.

Over to you Gnawman. @Maaax