Nathan Rourke in Jacksonville 2023/ New England 2024

And in that NCAA conference at Western Kentucky with those defenses at least two levels removed from professional play, there had to be quite a bit of pitch-and-catch going on as well kind of like in the Big 12, MAC, and WAC conferences, with the latter now part of the new United Athletic Conference.

That’s not to say those are not incredible stats at the NCAA level, but it’s apples and oranges when comparing such stats with those at the pro level.

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Word is that the Patriots are going to bring in former player on the team, and NFL veteran and journeyman, Jacoby Brissett.

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Patriots traded Mac Jones , I hope they give Nathan the chance


Only a 6th round pick from the Jaguars for Mac Jones shows how far he has fallen.

Patriots are expected to draft a QB at No.3, and there is the talk of wanting to sign a veteran QB like Jacoby Brissett. Plus Zappe is still around.

So not sure where that leaves Rourke as far as getting a serious opportunity.


I like Rourke’s chances against that Zappe, plus also if that Spitshine Mahoney, Bojack Jenkins, or Joe Pesci show up.


I hope so, I’d love to see him get a true shot to show what he can do in NFL. Difficult though, so much competition to deal with.


Resigning but in what capacity?


Pretty sure NE drafts the best available QB at #3 so who knows…competing for starter as this point…if NE brings in a vet then backup and smart pad holder more than likely…


Yeah I dislike the “journeyman” tag they keep slapping on Rourke
Part of me just wants to see him start a game or two to see what happens

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Whoever is slapping on that tag is uninformed at best but likely a bojack too.

One needs years of working experience to be a journeyman in any field.

It’s probably some dude too lazy to even check Wiktionary for a better word or phrase.


I’m wondering how long he will give it. The clock is ticking and the years go by quickly.

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Here’s a key rule change approved today by the NFL owners that affects backup quarterbacks favourably:

Emergency third QB rule. The NFL has a rule about how many times a player can be promoted from the practice squad to the active roster, but that rule won’t apply to quarterbacks who are being promoted to serve as the emergency third QB. For the third QB, teams will be allowed to elevate a quarterback an unlimited number of times.

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The plot thickens in New England.

And now that Spitshine Mahoney and Bojack Jenkins are going to have run along and find somewhere else to go to challenge somebody else other than Nathan Rourke!

The New England Patriots have a need at quarterback, obviously. They brought journeyman Jacoby Brissett, whom they drafted in 2016, back this offseason and into a quarterback room that is now comprised of him, Bailey Zappe and Nathan Rourke.

Fortunately for the Patriots, they have the third overall pick in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, which features a class in which three quarterbacks have separated themselves: USC’s Caleb Williams, North Carolina’s Drake Maye and LSU’s Jayden Daniels. However, SportsLine’s Jason La Canfora is reporting that “multiple GMs believe New England would prefer to move down this year.”


sorry, I’m still lost on technical aspects, can this and the new QB rule be good or bad for Nathan’s Patriots aspirations?


There is no downside, for it is potentially positive for any team’s third quarterback who is on a practice roster.

How I wish the rules as concern the emergency third quarterback in the NFL were simple, but they are not.

The goal of these complicated rules is to ultimately avoid the mess at hand in the playoff game of the 49ers at Eagles when both quarterbacks of the 49ers got hurt in the playoff game and a running back ended up playing quarterback for what was a bad look for the NFC Championship.

In short, the situation is more likely to be at hand late in the season should the team’s two quarterbacks be hurt, for teams are more likely have an emergency third quarterback on the game day roster just in case for those games.

This twist in the rule for quarterbacks on practice rosters probably won’t apply very much though, but teams are wise to keep a promising third quarterback on the 53-man roster but not activate him if they want to keep him unless of course they need him just in case to backup the other two.

The advantage here is that when the third quarterback is not on the practice roster, he can’t be poached and then perhaps later activated for play by another team.

The general manager and staff of all teams track all the quarterbacks all season long, much like players at all positions, of course.


I got it, thanks!!!


Good news for QBs like Rourke, he can stay as a 3rd stringer for one team and likely earning good money for never playing in a game.