Nathan Rourke in Jacksonville 2023/ New England 2024


Impressive bucket shot by Rourke!

Even more impressive was the giant stuffed bear that he won for his girlfriend. :smiley:


i was thinking stuffed beaver


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:




A stuffed beaver nibbling on wood?

I don’t get it. :smiley:


I think that’s Maaax ,refraining from saying what might get him in trouble.:smile:


Go for ig max, j will come visit you in pergatory …will bring wings beers and scotch

lol Jags monitoring players hydration when they pee

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Actually not a bad idea. When you see a player go down with a muscle cramp it is directly related to a lack of hydration. If a player gets a cramp in any sport it is
absolutely because he or she lost too much fluid in their body. The time fix that is not when they got the cramp … But rather 3 hours before the cramp happened . The NFL has all sorts of cash to throw at all sorts of things that may sound silly but might have good reason to monitor

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There’s a lot more than dehydration you can test for with urine. Just sayin’.


Pretty certain they are testing that too… And offering advice and other stuff on how to make that not an issue

I wonder what the players union had to say about this?:thinking:

As long as helps the players best tests they will have no official comment

No. 5 Jaguars player to watch in Preseason Week 1: Nathan Rourke. QB

Trevor Lawrence and C.J. Beathard have a roster spot guaranteed regardless of how the preseason plays out. But the same can’t be said for Nathan Rourke, who needs to show he’s deserving of being QB3 on the depth chart. A Canada native, Rourke suited up for the BC Lions in the CFL before signing with the Jags in January.

The team’s brass didn’t bring in any other quarterbacks to training camp and instead, let Rourke hone his skills. During an exchange with the local media, offensive coordinator Press Taylor praised him for the work he’s put in and added that he would get lots of opportunities in the preseason.

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his comparison of NFL vs CFL game from quarterback perspective is interesting. touch and accuracy are more important in NFL than gunslinging it.

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Nathan vs Cowboys preseason game this weekend :slight_smile:

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Go Nathan!!

Do us all proud.


Jaguars QB Nathan Rourke will throw 2 TDs, complete over 60% of his passes

Doug Pederson told the media that Trevor Lawrence will play a bit against the Cowboys. However, it’s hard to see him staying on the field for more than a couple series. In fact, C.J. Beathard will most likely play most of the first half. He will then pave the way for third-stringer Nathan Rouke to finish the game.

Rourke joined the Jags earlier this year and he’s been the only quarterback the team’s brass has added since the end of the 2022 season. While the Canadian-born quarterback earned praise from offensive coordinator Press Taylor in training camp, he isn’t a lock to earn a roster spot.

In fact, Taylor himself said that Rourke would get lots of work in the preseason and he should be able to make a positive impression due to the surplus of skilled position players the Jaguars have on offense. Expect Rourke to showcase accuracy and finish the game with a 60 percent completion rate and two touchdowns.


fist NFL action for Nathan in a few hours 2023-08-12T21:00:00Z

sweet, it’s being televised live on NFL network! can watch the game before the Lions-Stamps game tonight.