Nathan Rourke in Jacksonville 2023/ New England 2024

@Paolo_X - speaking of NY/NJ - Flash back time - Remember the Jerky Boys from back in the day - they used to make crank phone calls and record them. I wonder how many people in the NY/NJ area they crank called and the person on the other end recognized it was a crank call and promptly went off the rails in a curse word laden tirade of some sorts.


I remember those jerks alright, but I was never into that act. I never understood the comedy of jerks being jerks, but a lot of people like that sort of what passes for entertainment on TikTok and various dumb trends like the Milk Crate Challenge (which I figuratively annihilated with the help of my friend Mr. Brunswick by introducing the Bowling Ball Challenge, but I digress).

But now that you mention it, somebody answering the phone as Tommy Devito or somebody calling somebody and introducing themselves as him is a funny idea that maybe a few of those jerks are trying today.


I am with you on that one - it was never my thing but sometimes I might be in the car with some buddies and someone would throw that cassette tape and if you were outvoted you had to ride with it.


Pretty much the apex of MAD TV, Denis O’Leary and Co. That was what my friends all downloaded during the cavalier years of Napster.

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Well for those keeping score, a few new or newer guys are starting at quarterback in the NFL tomorrow and either they will play like bums or a rare star will be born.

The starting quarterback for the hapless Cardinals is …/drum roll …Clayton Tune.
//sad horn

Tune is also the only quarterback listed on the roster, so I’m not sure how that will work out if he’s injured.

As noted, here are some other choice names starting at quarterback, who are all rookies.

Will any team pluck Nathan Rourke from the practice roster?

Titans, Levis
Raiders, O’Connell
Bears, Bagent
Vikings, Hall

In addition, many backups certainly look like Stink City.

I can’t remember the last time that there appeared to be so many chances for newcomers to the NFL.

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We don’t want Rourke going to the Cardinals, but the point stands again, for there is a place for him higher on the depth chart in the NFL.

For the Vikings, it appears Josh Dobbs, hot from Arizona on a trade, replaced the rookie Hall in the first quarter after his concussion on a helmet-to-helmet hit on third down and stopped at the one yard line.

And they won a tough game on the road in Atlanta! There’s your new starter in Minnesota, folks.

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Aaaand that Texas rookie QB became a minor god today .
470 yards as a rookie with his first start.
Also started the last drive with 48 seconds left and drove the field with 6 seconds to spare to throw the winning touchdown.
Not bad at all for a rookie


In other rookie quarterback news,
the Raiders appear to have found their new quarterback in Aidan O’Connell.

I think this is it for Garoppolo lest he wish to hold clipboards and stick it out a few more years.

Ron Burgundy himself fumed at me in a text about Bryce Young, who threw an out pattern for a pick-six result yet limp-wristed it so as to exhibit improper Ron Burgundy form.

At least stomp into it and throw that ball with zip like you mean it there Bryce!


And I am done with the excuses now for teams to pass over Nathan Rourke. Why?
Look at this one too. Yes, except for the kidnapping part, this is real.


At this rate maybe Rourke will get his turn in December?

We can see already on especially the Sunday afternoon slate all the duds for games, and once a team reaches 9 losses, well mathematically you can almost count them out of the playoffs in the NFL:


I was watching the Bears vs Vikings game, both QBs very inconsistent, I think Nathan would do better than them, I hope he gets a chance!!


I think they would go to their backups first before they went down the list to find Rourke. There are 32 backups that have made their teams and waiting for their chance, probably most as good or better than Rourke. Most proven themselves at higher tiered NCAA teams.
A good season in the CFL doesn’t guarantee a starting NFL job.
Maybe he will move up next training camp.
But right now he’s third man up to one of the best QBs in the NFL


That’s true for where Rourke is now.

Nope, NCAA performance and NOW in the NFL after camp is night-and-day for EVERY position. One is playing against the elite on all other teams who were “big men on campus” or if overlooked, were in another sport or late bloomers.

Whenever you hear some lame ESPN type utter something like, “He’ll play on Sundays!” for anybody but sure-fire first rounder, THEY DON’T KNOW anything. The pro game is a vastly different and superior game.

So I don’t agree, and I have not agreed, for several weeks now when so many of the backups and other third-stringers are a bunch of has-beens, never-was’s, and/or not going anywhere but down the toilet.

The NFL needs more younger quarterbacks NOW and not ageing bums or never-was’s doing those handoffs or former mobsters like Joe Pesci who have found a second calling in life.

Keep going there Nathan. You’ll get your shot in 2024, but it’s probably NOT going to be in Jacksonville and I’m great with that too.

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Look at these names. You critics don’t know half of them I bet. I can’t believe some of them are still in the NFL.

What they did in college does not mean a steaming hot pile of :poop: right now in pro football.

You can take your excuses, and likely haterade, for Nathan Rourke and shove it!

Pick him up and play him one of you general managers and coaches, damnit.

Zappe, NE
Mac Jones, NE
Siemian, NYJ
All the quarterbacks for the NYJ
Browning, CIN
McCarron, CIN
Walker, CLE
Trubisky, PIT
Pesci, NYG
Fields, CHI
Bagent, CHI
Peterman, CHI

And there are other younger starting quarterbacks like Bryce Young only getting their shot due to “sunken cost theory” via that stupid NCAA pedigree and so forth.


browning getting it done tonight.


There might be something there no doubt - nobody saw that coming!

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Or this…

Trevor Lawrence just went down with a knee injury.


Looks like CJ hurt is wrist on that fumble. I don’t think Nathan is dressed but what if he has to start next weekend? If Lawrence is out any period of time, surely Rourke will dress.


I think they need to dress two QB’s so its very likely…


maybe it is another coach likes the guy from the CFL but the owner doesnt