Nathan Rourke caps off Lions' season with exceptional performance against Elks

VANCOUVER —  Bookending the 2021 campaign with starts under centre, rookie Nathan Rourke made the most of his final opportunity for the BC Lions in a one-sided, 43-10 win over the Edmonton Elks.

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Glen Suitor was extra sickening about this last night.

Glen Suitor is always extra sickening. He and Black should have been shown the door. Now that Black is gone Suitor is easily the worst of the worst.

Rod Smith, ignores the game, and just yammers on repetitively about stuff we already know. It's like the game is secondary. Break down the plays, call the plays, and dint be afraid of silence.

Let the QB controversy begin! Next training camp the raw rookie & the seasoned vet go head to head for the starters job. Advantage Reilly but he can start looking over his shoulder any time now.

Rourke played well and he certainly looks like he has a bright future, but I wouldn’t read too much into dominating a defence playing it’s 3rd game in 7 days.

The B.C Lions closed out their 2021 season at home versus the tired Edmonton Elks. The Elks played their 3rd game in 7 days. Nathan Rourke had a shinning full start for the Lions going 23-34 for 359 yards, with three rushing majors. The Lions must now consider their options for the 2022 season. Do they bring back Reilly for season 12 or stick with the 23 year old Canadian quarterback :100: :canada: :gem: :interrobang:

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After stating that he would not "belabour" the issue of 3 games in 7 days; Glen Suitor belaboured the hell out of it 10 times, including 4 times stating he would NOT belabour the point. Somebody give him his walking papers. Preferably stuck in a dictionary on the page with "belabour".

Reilly will get cut because he makes to much money and not delivering the team for the playoffs.

I wouldn't cut Reilly based on Rourke's good performance against a tired Elks team. Look at Caleb Evans good first outing & what happened to him after that. It's not entirely Reilly's fault they missed the play-offs, one man does not a team make but like I say time to start looking over his shoulder.

Naw! You cut Reilly because he is going to be 37 and makes too much money. You use the savings in getting better O-Linemen to help Rourke achieve his potential

Not my decision of course, but Reilly & Rourke sounds a whole lot better to me than Rourke & ???

I would bring Reilly back if he wants the position as the back up and QB coach position .

Maybe a good transition opportunity .

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