Nathan Coehoorn

...Very intriguing pic if we decide to go after him at no. 4.....We definitely could use a young ni receiver and this kid looks like he could fill the has a bit of blurb on him today ..He was saying how much he liked Stegall and how he patterned himself after Milt...IF he can turn himself into that caliber of receiver...people we have a winner....I sure liked what i heard about his play up till now...Edm. and B.C. pick before our 4th comes up(that's if we decide to keep it)..however i don't see Tilman or Wally wanting to go after this guy....Tilman needs o line help and defensive spots...Wally is loaded with ni receivers so i don't believe Cohoorn will interest him....Anyway lots of speculation on this pic...Personally i'd like to see Nathan Coehoorn in BluenGold :thup:

Were you to be Mr Mack, papa, who are you taking at # 1 ?

...Definitely going with Scott Mitchell at no 1 MadJack....Getting an ni o lineman is the biggest priority...
In my previous post i said that Coehoorn woudn't be on the esks. radar...BUT if a receiver was considered as a priority by them, i believe they'll take Anthony Parker ..We'll see :roll:

I expect Winnipeg to select Scott Mitchell as 1st overall and Nathan Coehoorn as 4th overall.

I won't guarantee money to Charity that it will definitely be as such. Ha! Ha!


I think that would be a bet you would win. :wink: That seems to be the general consensus amongst fans at least.

But if, perhaps, both Parker and Coehoorn are available at #4. . . still take Coehoorn ?

I really like the looks of Iannuzzi but think the Bombers have their sights on Coehoorn if he's available.

Yes. I don't think I've read or heard anything about the Bombers taking Parker if he's available. Parker is the best athlete but he's not the best receiver.

Plus did you watch that video that was put up at about Coehoorn - his idol is Milt Stegall - what a natural fit for the Bombers.