Nate Rourke Reminds me of - - - -

Russ Jackson.
Now before we give Rourke a ticker-tape parade its still to early to finalize the call.
Lets see what he can do facing a monster-line like Winnipeg - or even Ottawa next week.
Rourke is good, very good. From my memories he works his offense even faster than Old Russ Jackson worked his in the 1960s. Jackson was not only the greatest Canadian QB to ever play the northern game - he was one of the great CFL QBs period. Full STOP>
Mr. Rourke has a long way to peddle to get to Jackson Country - but he's fully embarked on his journey and seems fully committed to task.
NFL never came running for Russ Jackson. Will the same be true for Nathan Rourke?
Right now - he's creating buzz in the CFL's tiniest market. If crowds don't start matching the buzz (only 14,000 last nite) then why shouldn't Rourke consider the NFL - if they come a callin' after this season ends???


If Rourke plays lights out this season it would be foolish to not at least entertain any NFL interest that comes his way.

Rourke is currently in the second year of a 2+1 year deal (club option) and is slated to make just $65,000 this season with no bonus whatsoever.

The Lions should re-up his compensation as a sign of goodwill although I doubt Rourke’s camp will sign an extension as he will likely field some serious NFL offers if this type of play continues.

It is a shame that the CFL can no longer hold onto star players as it once did in the 60’s and 70’s.
Rourke is exactly what this league needs right now although it may be short lived.


Nate Rourke Reminds me of - - - -(insert your favourite deity here).

If Rourke gets an NFL opportunity, it's looks good on the CFL.

Maybe if the CFL actually ran their business in a proper manner prior to COVID maybe we can hang on to the Rourkes out there.

Thank you for that glimmer of hope

I don't remember watching Russ Jackson play... but for argument's sake I'll defer to your expertise and agree.

It's probably safe to say that Rourke is the BEST Canadian QB to play in ANY league in this century.


What if you don’t have a favourite deity?

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So we've gone from the narrative of whether Rourke can be a starter - with as little experience that he has - to oh lookout, the NFL is going to come knocking. :upside_down_face:

I would look to Nathan's younger brother being drafted into the NFL before Nathan himself gets any offers from down south. And the odds are that his brother will also be playing in Canada. The NFL is not an open door to anyone or everyone that can throw a football.

There are large differences between playing QB in Canada and the NFL, and that transition in either direction is problematic. For a QB in the NFL, it's all about pre-snap reads to determine where the play is expected to go. The CFL is kinda the opposite. With the offensive motion and waggle, the QB is looking to make that read moments after the ball is snapped. That is a huge difference even if it sounds simple and easy.

I could make a laundry list of reasons why Nathan Rourke is safe, for now, from NFL poaching, and of course, there could be evidence of the contrary presented to counter any of my points, but let's just say, for now, Nathan will be in Canada for the foreseeable future.


No matter how well he plays I predict that his biggest hurdle in getting to the NFL will be his size.


Does 'Thor' count?

Absolutely, but many people will offer examples of NFL QBs who don't meet those height requirements. So that could be a circular debate that never will get resolved.

Absolutely. He’s probably mine too come to think of it. Much more likeable than the arrogant Odin or the evil Loki.


Then list them all, the football gods, weather gods, etc. My personal favourites are the old Norse gods. I see Thor has a new movie out, we could go with him, he's got ads on the football games so he should get some love from us.

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Yes I agree don’t start the ticker tape parade just yet. But besides him putting on a show who knows what May have happened if the Lions defence didn’t shut the door on the Argos at the goal line after the Lions got their first touchdown.

Also, on the Dominic Rhymes touchdown in the 3rd quarter give credit to Lucky Whitehead for sucking in the Argos defence and giving Rhymes an open door down the sideline that was an easy catch from Rourke.

Yes, Rourke is good and if he stays will probably be the “franchise player” as they say but making him look good is a whole set of other Lions doing their job. Yes it’s only two games but this whole team offence and defence look solid.

Let’s see what happens when they face the Stampeders, Roughriders and Bombers.

So far they've performed well on Saturn's day, so he could be a solid choice.

Next match is on Thor's day. Let's see if he is pleased with the Lions tribute in Ottawa.


Now that was good. :+1: :+1: :smile:

What if The Hulk shows up? Ottawa's planning to bring Bruce Banner to the game. They'd better not make him angry. They won't like him when he's angry. :grimacing:

Jeezuz....lets enjoy him now rather that wring our hands on him leaving for the NFL after 2 games,
Usport football QB swill finally get a chance now... What it does tell me is that we may be seeing the CFL move away from overspending on the QB position. Lions have really used the "extra" $600.000 wisely.


I haven't watched BC yet, what's the reasons for the offensive output?
Play calling, or talent? We know they got some great WR's, but imagine if they did get Lawler? :astonished:

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Someone's going to get Lawler. Have you seen his numbers? Chris Jones won't put up with the most expensive receiver in the league underperforming for long.

If the Lions sign him... we're all doomed.