Nate gone again..... reported on the home page, Davis was released by the Bombers this weekend.....can't say I'm surprised, really...

Yeah, he kinda turned into a useless jerk. I was at a game last year and a little kid asked him to sign his hat and he said no. If he wasn't 500 pounds heavier than me (exageration on the count of he's really gotten fat) I would've told him off. But on the field he didn't really do much lately.

Exactly. I dont know how many of you guys watched the first Blue Bomber game of the season, but during the game he wasnt even demanding a double team any more. And he wasnt even pushing around the one OL who was assigned to him.

Nate Davis is living proof of why God invented football... so that big fat dumb guys can get laid too....
He is so fat that if someone told him to haul arse, he would have to make two trips.
When he goes to the beach, whale rescuers try to push him back into the water.
If he had to sit in the stands, Taylor field would seat about 12.
The team used to take him to Mcdonald's just to watch the sign change.
The back of his neck looks like a pack of hotdogs.
His belly button makes an echo.
His cereal bowl comes with a lifeguard.
He had to get baptised at Marine land.
His high school nickname was d@mn!
There is a noise ordinance forbidding him from wearing corduroy pants.
He gets thank you cards from the Cotton growers association everytime he buys a new shirt.
His yearbook pictures are taken with satellite imagery.
When he dances at a party, the band skips.
Nate's so fat that when he goes to a restaurant they don't bring him a menu. They bring an estimate.
He once tried on a Malcolm X jacket and a helicopter landed on his back!!
Someone said it was "chilly" outside and Nate ran out the door with a spoon!!
He once broke his leg and gravy poured out!!
And if he asks if his shoes are tied he has to take your word for it

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Those are Great!

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