Nate Davis

...seems like the BigBlue are going to sign the Big guy.....IF...he can show some of his previous form...i say good signing...I'm kinda liking Davis along side Doug Brown ....yup ....this would be very nice...... :wink:

He's an improvement over Warner but I still think we can do better. Brown has always been the "tie up the defenders" guy. We don't need two of those.

If he shows up in condition, drops a few pounds, gets the back and knees fixed, and loses the "you fans should just be thankful we're .500" attitude, he may be a good addition for you.....otherwise, I'm not at all disappointed that he's signing elsewhere.

At this point, his signing is only speculation, but if he did, he would be hard pressed to knock Warner out of the lineup if he didnt show up in good shape.

…Doug Brown says Nate Davis has officially signed…hmmmmm…that will make the BigBlue even bigger on the 'd’line…and could make us pretty tough to run against…IF …Nate can play top form…go Bombers… :thup: :rockin:

if nate plays at top form our D-line will generate 30 sacks on its own and be unbelievably good. seriously, how does a DT generate that many sacks??? thats crazy, i sure hope he comes helathy and inshape

..i don't know about healthy and in shape right now....but i know he's gonna be mentally ready to play the Roughies after hearing Nates parting words for Tilman.....Labour Day should be a gooder..... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

wow, this is just the incentive davis needed to get in shape

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after seeing that, he' not only gonna want to eat up the roughriders, but hes gonna want tillman to regret getting rid of him. hes gonna come in shape, and hes gonna dominate! this is just what we needed!!!!

This is going to be a discussion for a long time, did Taman do the right thing by signing Nate?

Let's look at it this way, apparently the guy is 20-30 LBS overweight and is 33 years old, can he return to his earlier form? NO, i don't think so. Can he be a force with the BB'S? I think he can.

He needs to step up every game though and play every game like he was playing the Rider's, if he is mentally prepared, he would sure help us.

As being an improvment over Warner, that is up in th air, Warner is great when he decides he wants to play as he usually burns out half way through the season. Warner still might be back, who knows?

Doug Brown thinks highly of Nate, so that's a great thing, Brown is our rock on the d-line

Brown - Canada - Walls - Davis (all sack machines)

So to end this post i will say, look out CFL QB'S, you are not safe with our Defense this year.

GO BOMBERS .... Grey Cup 07 in T.O ... Got My Tickets :wink: