Nate Davis....

should we go after Nate Davis? because Warrner might be gone for half the season due to arena football so what do u guys think..

..Nate looked a little tired last year...i think he's definitely on the downside of his career....maybe has something left in the tank?????? we could give him a shot at t.c..and if not ....we better have somebody to replace Warner...he 's gonna be missed...but not irreplaceable... :roll:

theres a note at the end of this article indicating that Taman would be interested in Davis esp if Warner doesn't return

I really hope the Bombers dont sign him. As one of my freinds says all he does is fall down in the middle and roll around. Warner is gonna be a huge loss if he does go play arena football.

rolling around tangling up other opposing o-lineman (tripping) and forcing a whole or teamate through a whole cuz if he gets 2 guys down that helps. i remember when i played football and some of our big guys got injured they put me in as Dline and told me to chop them and it worked great because there was a gap for the linebacker to go through and stuff the run/ sack QB.

going after Nate Davis is better than what we got and he's a veteran. maybe he just needs to be around other great D-lineman to produce because we do have one of the best D-lines out there and if they double up nate that opens up room for walls or canada so he'd be great here.

We wouldnt be losing anything by bringing in the Predator to replace Warner, but I wouldnt open the cheque book for him either. If we can get him for a decent price, what the heck.

He is right up Taman's alley. Another player on the back side of his career. Sign him now Taman!

Maybe Nate can play the first half and then have a rest while Warner plays the second half. Be fresh for the playoffs...if the Bombers make it that is. :slight_smile: