nate davis

Frankly, I expect this team to finish first this year.
It is not a "throw away" year, or a rebuilding year.
3-year contracts fade away pretty quickly if you start missing the play-offs.
As for the "country club" atmosphere, that was likely one of the most overated criticisms of the Danny/Roy years.
If you think players were all about going to Gabbo's and scoring, you're crazy. Regina's night life bores most of them. Of course they still like going out. I suppose you would just sit at home and watch TV? And scoring with the babes is a fact of professional sports. Anyone who thinks it is different in any other city is...well...crazy.
And if you think that ET and Flopson can keep the players from having a life beyond football you are...what's the word I'm looking for...crazy?
If you actually compare the number of "incidents" that Rider players had over the years to other teams, or even the community at large you actually discover that the only problem with the players we had was they are human.
The fact that you feel compelled to bring up Reggie Slack, who was never even here during the Roy/Danny years, should help prove just how few such "incidents" there really were. Several hundred players came and went in 7 years and you can name 2?

That's crazy!

The only riders who chase after the Queen City gals are those who are too lazy to masturbate…


that being said I have chased after some mighty fine queen city girls.

Billy we all know that you were the one to give trevis smith aids. Just joking, nice to see you back on here posting again i haven't been posting cause there is no one good to argue with with. Here is to good times. Totally agree with you that they shouldn't have released davis casue our d-line has no depth. Do you think that they could be going to a 3-4 with jones lloyd, hunt, and stancil or is schultz big enough to push that line up the middle?

You make some very good points Oxbow,

Especially regarding Tillman's strategic logic on acquiring DJ Flick.

I agree Nate is getting a gut. I'm just not comfortable screwing with our D-line when they led the league in rush defence and for all intensive purposes sacks.

I have no real objection to Andrew Greene being released. Our O-line does need a little work if we're going to be a more pass oriented offence. Way to many sacks allowed last year.

You're also right about our secondary. We don't have trouble replacing older with younger players. I feel letting both Omar and Davin go at once is far too much. I say keep Omar if we can. I would not be upset if one of these guys doesn't return. Both leaving I feel is pushing it.

On an unrelated matter, are you from Oxbow, Sk. Do they still have that Dairyland place with the awesome burgers and milkshakes?

DJ Flick was a throw in, but one Tillman wanted thrown in because of their history. And at 27 years old, maybe he can become productive again.
Getting younger is an okay strategy. This Smith guy is young enough that maybe he'll show the promise of a first overall draft pick yet, though Lancaster had him riding the pine by the end of the year last year.
But as for Nate, I like Marcus Adams too, but don't bet on him replacing Nate. The guy penciled in is Jermaine Haley. Which tests the "getting younger" theory to the max. The guy is actually a year older than Nate and didn't even play football last year.
And while the Riders generously list him at 300 pounds, he never played that light in his 6 or seven years in the NFL--more like 325-335, which is more than Nates supposed playing weight.
When you add in 36 year old Yo, I don't actually see a consistant move to younger players.
And Morgan is an all-star, and Bush could easily have been an all-star last year, and is the fastest guy on the team. And at 30 years of age, both guys are in their prime.
Replacing either of those guys will not be easy, but as has been pointed out, replacing both will be very hard, if not impossible. Given that Richardson is also not signed (and likely won't be) Tillman has only done a so-so job of signing free agents.
And considering that was supposedly the primary reason why Roy was fired mid-season.........?
Of course I called Hopson on that bogus reasoning when he did it.

I wonder if Joe Montford is looking for a job... :lol: :lol:

I doubt Joe Montford will be anymore… Because his paycheck will be wayyyy smaller than it was. I hope he is though!:stuck_out_tongue:

Keith gone, Big Nate gone... Who are our franchise players now? Scott Schultz I guess. I dunno, this makes me glad I never bought season tickets.

i guess u only buy tickets when they winning? :roll: jump on the wagon later if u want but i bought tickets this season and dont reget it :cowboy:

I actually never bought tickets only out of lazyness, but now I am happy I didn't. I can now say that I don't think we will win much.

why should I pay my money for season tix when this team consistently fails to deliver to the fans? Certainly, the fans have delivered to this team. It is time for the management to step up the game, yet in my opinion, they are steping back.

I will still go to some games though, as I enjoy football as a whole.

P.S When were we ever winning? lmao!

your a winner

th efranchise player?joseph of course

Well, with a name like "severedhead" i wouldnt expect your brains to be exactly in the right place...

How childish and pathetic! You're judging me on my sign in name?

WTF... you don't even know me. Why don't you get educated and contribute to the forum rather than demonstrate how slackjaw and ignorant you are?


I do add to the forums, check the number of posts compared to yours... :roll:

Yea, what a worthy contribution :? Save your highschool antics for the schoolyard and talk football rather judge others based on a sign in name.

severedhead, I feel sorry for you if you will only go to see the CFL if your team is winning. I admit I would love for the Riders to win all of the time but that is not going to happen. In fact if the definition of winning is only to win the GC, then there are 7 losing teams this year and none of their fans should buy a season ticket. I have had season tickets since 1986 and even in the worst of those years there were enough exciting home games to always keep me coming back. I really feel sorry for you if that attitude is going to keep you out of the stands.

Ya narles you make a good point, my first season tickets were bought for me in 1980 or 81...not sure, but is the start of back to back 2-14 seasons with Lancaster...there was much frustration back then....IE: 12 games before a touchdown pass thrown......URRRRGH, BUT never any regrets infact over time it's become a sense of pride being able to reflect on that era with friendsGO RIDERS...especially some of the on field or talent or lack of....Here's to you 2 step Stu

Hey, i’ve seen the Riders through many bad times myself and still bought my tix.

This year I probably won’t buy though. Doesn’t mean I won’t attend some games, or will stop supporting the Riders because of my “attitude”(?)