nate davis

big dawg got released today thanks for playing your ass off buddy

theres a time to let a guy go, we let Jurassin go at a good time and to me Nate waswnt getting the job done and we can use the cap space

i'm saddend but not surprised by this, Nate had an ominous on field presence and was a class act.......oh yeh, and the best pseudo QB sack dance ever...he was over top of his most recent victim poseing as a dog urinateing on a fire ever..........Go Riders Go

I hope Nate restucts his contract and comes back we can rotate him into the line. An extra Lineman doesnt hurt and besides I think we were lacking that extra push late in the game. Also without the db signed a good dline can take pressure off a rookie backfield

nate was just making to much money to not produce but dont get me wrong if he reups his contract for half the money that would be great

awesome. good thing I bought that jersey last year. I knew it. damnit. I wish Nate all the best. He was an,d in my opinion, is a hell of a player. A victim of the cap I think.

Sorry to see the Natester move on! Reminder of the housecleaning that took place when Roy came to town (narcisse, cadillac, etc). Wonder who will be signed to play next to the Moose Jaw Stomper?

yeh it was clear last year Nate didn't have it , but who do you blame for him starting???? good old Danny Boy that's who, you can't blame Nate for having the desire to play, I've actually read some negativity on Nate....well, those comments come from LOSERS...yup....anyways...Go Riders Go

I really think Tillman made a mistake on this one. Nate maybe never stacked up the stats. But you can't argue his presence on the field contributes to Perry, Schultz, and Jurienak's stats. He was regularily facing double coverage. We were first in run D and second (should be first as Montreal handed BC 12 sacks like candy) in sacks. The D-line is too important to screw around with. We don't have depth in the D-line.

Besides who can replace Nate? Mullinder, give me a break. He's only good for faking injuries to slow down the opposing offence. Jermaine Haley is older than Nate and has little/limited experience. Tillman say's he wants younger, this is a bit hypocritical.

Also, without securing Morgan and/or Bush and the age of Eddie Davis our secondary is a major concern to me. Ritchie Hall sure has his work cut out for him.

I agree that this could be a problem. Nate was always double teamed, you look at schultz numbers they weren’t that great either but they were stopping the run. The first five weeks are going to be hell for Ritchie with new dbs, replacing nate, mitchell, bush, morgan. look how hard it was to replace the sandman and Johnson still isn’t a very good replacement. We were really weak for depth at the d-line position and dbs when one went down. why did we need another receiver we have murphy, dominquez, armstead, fantuz, your only as good as the qb getting the ball and that was part of the problem last year. I think Hall might be used as a scapegoat cause everyone here loves him and would have been a better choice for head coach.

It is not a surprise that Nate was released.
3 reasons. Age. Salary. Shivers.
Anyone who knows anything knew that there would be a turnover of personel, partly based on not just talent, but who knows who.
And that means some of the Shivers guys were going to go regardless of talent, age and salary.
The fact that Nate will be 34 this year and was well paid spelled the end. But it was also doubtful that either side worked very hard to renegotiate the contract.
And from the other side, what do Yo, Yeast and Flick all have in common?
They are all guys Tillman brought into the league. Rather than persue better receivers like Armstrong or Richardson, we see guys with loyalty to ET.
If people thought that the Roy and Danny show was all about loyalty, just wait…
But then it is always the same…new GM, he brings in his guys.
Everyone does it, so again, no surprise.

But what is the differnce between the loyalty in ottawa and here in saskatchewan? How about winning or at least 500 records, semi final apperances. There is no place for loyalty in sports its all about winning and thats what stopped the riders before

First, what I am saying is, most GMs and most coaches develop player loyalty.
In fact, it is actually a positive.
Sometimes that positive can become a negative, but generally, players play harder for GMs and coaches that display such loyalty.
So I am not really criticising ET...much.
Sometimes loyalty gets misplaced.
Signing Yo Murphy when Derick Armstrong is available is an example. Of course maybe Armstrong did not want to come here as he likely had some loyalty to Shivers.

If you want to talk about winning records, does it make sense to replace players that have made the Riders contenders each and every year with guys who relentlessly lost in ottawa?
If Tillman has proven winners he wants to show loyalty to, great.
But DJ Flick isn't a winner.
In fact I think he is a quitter! Doesn't mean he doesn't have talent, but it does mean I question his desire.
We all knew changes were coming.
And we also knew not all those changes would be made based on talent.
And that is not necessarily a bad thing.
There is a place in sports for loyalty.
If not sports, then where?
But that loyalty must then produce.

so Andrew Greene is out as well...
Riders tagged these announcements on the back end of a whole lot of other hoop-la so they won't likely get much attention...

who cares these guys are replaceable for younger cheaper players

I care. the last 6 years these two players have been two of the best linemen in the game. period.

I can totally understand Andrew. in fact I expected him to be gone, but not Nate.

Wow Andrew Greene and Nate Davis. Tillman's got balls for pulling the trigger on this one. The Riders had a very good O and D line. These are positions where the guys have to be able to play as a unit and when you start screwing around with that chemistry you risk making a good O or D line into a less effective unit or worse, a bad one. my hope is that this one doesn't come back to bite Tillman in the rear end.

I care as well,

I understand the whole side of releasing older players to replace with younger. Tillman is releasing guys like Nate Davis and Andrew Greene.

But are these guys being released to accompany salaries to guys like DJ Flick, Jermaine Haley, Yo Murphy, and Craig Yeast? Non of these guys are young.

I'm sad to see guys like Jackie Mitchell and Andrew Greene go. But I understand their releases. We have younger guys who have shown promise (Maurice Lloyd, Wayne Smith, and hopefully Chris Best). But like I mentioned earlier we have no one that is an adequate replacement for Nate.

And from a pure football perscpective, explain to me how DJ Flick, Yo Murphy, and Craig Yeast are going to help us when we already have Armstead, Fantuz, and Dominguez?

And why can't Tillman sign at the very least on of either Omar Morgan or Davin Bush when he's releasing vets, trimming salaries, and guys like KK are going to the NFL.

I think Marcus Adams can replace Nate Davis. He played very well subing in for Davis when he was injured. I also think that Davis appeared to out of gas near the end of the games last season and his belly seemed to be getting noticeably bigger as the years went on. He used to big and fat and athletic and now I think he is just big and fat.

DJ Flick is a class act and he had some good years on a terrible Ti-cat team. With Dominguez, Armstead, Fantuz and now Flick, we have proven quality receivers. Murphy and Yeast are there for veteran depth and they will most likely be paid by the game if they are kept around.

Andrew Greene has that recurring neck injury problem (I suspect that it is nerve damage) Rob Lazeo will most likely compete with Wayne Smith for the right guard position. Both can play the position although Smith last year for the ti-cats had an off year. We also have a couple of young Canadians that we need to make room for, namely O'Meara and Cowan.
We also move up a couple of picks in the second round of the draft this year which may not seem important, but could be depending on what happens that day. It will in reality be our first pick because we gave away our first pick to Hamilton for Joseph.

I don't think the riders were satisfied totally with Dorsey as a return specialist although his numbers seemed good, he was not the breakthrough man they were hoping... Armstead I think is a notch above Dorsey in that regard so an extra quality receiver is important... One thing we lacked last year was depth at the receiving position and Murphy is a solid veteran who can come in for that extra receiver and do a better job than Tournkara, or Grant...

And I predict the signing of a pretty impressive young quarterback from the USA before training camp. This guy is going cost us some cash today for tomorrow' quarterback.. All in all I think Tillman knows exactly what he is doing.

I would sure like him to sign Morgan and Bush but they are getting older and a half step slower and that is something we need to know. Also, we never seem to have problems attracting quality young defensive backs before so why think the trend will end now?

I don't get a chance to get on here much but here is my 2 cents, the riders will have probably the worst record in the CFL this year (hold on) I'm a die hard green guy, BUT , the country club buddy thing that Roy and Danny set up here is still in tact until training camp, amongst the players there is a lets go rape and pillage Regina attitude, we are the only ticket in town thinking, AKA- Reggie Slack, Kenton Keith, Trevis Smith. Football was secondary to their life, Being "the boy on Dewdney Ave". was what was important hitting the bar's and playing the scene is over in this town ,I think. ET has sent a message of when you come to town you are here to play ball not do the wharehouse district.
Having said that people have to accept that this will be a rebuilding year, so Guys like Davis and Greene have to go, so we can win in the years to come , this year is a write off year for Austin and ET and they know that, its all about down the road when their contracts are coming up ,if you know what I mean , so if the Riders do well this year they look like God, if they don't, oh well they have contracts and the board of directors know that it takes time to get their system happening, how long did it take Roy and Danny to win a grey cup here ????
anyways lets get a running back and trade Szarka to Edmonton or Winnipeg so he can get a Gray Cup before he retires , he deserves it.