Nate Davis signs with the bombers

Nate Davis has signed with winnipeg here is the link

Half the player he used to be.

He is a killer out there. I hope our o line can stop him or Jason is going to be eating the turf.

Pity we couldn't have signed him. Very formidable lineman, given he can maintain his health through a full season.

I don't know what he's at as a "team player", as opposed a "stat hunter" (not a criticism, just wondering!) and what kind of "fit" he might be with the Bombers, or if they might have signed him as trade bait, as their D-Line was plenty effective last year...
You have to expect that the Cat's Mgmt weren't unaware of him or his availability, and I know its hard, but we have to sit still and give the new management the opportunity to restructure and rebuild the Cats within the rules of the League...and hiring middle aged players at high prices is a really tough decision!

We had a reasonably good DLine that got choked by the performance at the LB and DB positions, and were marooned on the field for hours by an offence that could not get it together.

If Davis makes the cut in Wpg, they will be that much harder to play against, with him and Tom Canada crushing in, but lets give the "brain trust" their opportunity to build us a team that can deal with this challenge!

Not impossible!


Nate's been injured a lot. Before the injuries he was a dominant tackle. HArd to say what level he will perform at, but he does have the potential to help the Bombers.