Nate Davis - Physical

He passed his physical fitness test yesterday :smiley:

Ataboy Nate.

However, Franklin and Lezi didn't. Franklin's injury is minor, he'll miss a day or two, but Lezi has a kidney problem, hope it's nothing serious for his sake.

Good news for Nate.....if the rumours are true and he's lost the weight I've heard he has, this can (and I'm sure it will) alleviate the physical issues that have been hindering him for a couple years now.....perhaps this new motivation he's found can speak volumes for the old regime he worked in?

Don't worry...he be playing half the snaps before u know it then he'll need a week off to take care of back spasms. :stuck_out_tongue:

If he can stay on the field and work out the injury problems, he's a great FA pickup.

There's a great team shot of the 6 ex-Riders in the Free Press this morning, Nate says, he's going to send a copy to ET. :rockin:

Ah, the Winnipeg Rider Castoffs… has a better ring than Blue Bombers… :lol:

Almost as good as the Rider Cap Casualties, I would say. :wink:

haha, not like the Riders don't have a decent amount of ex-Bombers.

2006 Bombers on Riders:
Abou holding-mechrek
Eric Wilson
Henri Childs
Marc Parenteau

Nice little group no?

Thanks for Taking Abou Riders, have fun with all the holding and procedure calls against ya.

Obviously you missed Charles Thomas?

Ah the sweet call of the prider-bummer feud! Nothing like it sweet sounds of the CFL season ready to roll! Boy am I satisfied now! You guys brought tears to my eyes. Yes now that Lil Nate has left Regina they will need to locate and hire a new fat Ronald McDonald. :lol: :lol: :lol: Priders had a garage sale and good ole Taman the early bird buyer. It sure is sweet. :lol: :lol:

Are you like actually retarded or something?

haha, how great it will be when the stamps start doing the cuts they will need to be doing.

Or did they front load all their salaries so they might actually be under the cap this year?

Should be a good bit of Receivers cut from the stamps.

and how great when most the other teams need to cut down to get under 4.05M or else pay good money into the luxury tax, fund the Blue & Gold please. :smiley:

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Other peoples garbage is gold and blue to others!

You and me both know I didnt mean it like that…

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Really troll hmmm never heard of that term before. No I do not know that you do not mean it. To use the term is wrong you know it why do you use it then? You do not like me being negative about the riders I have a simple solution do not reply. Here is a freebee for you this is what you want to hear!


I think the riders are the best team in the world. They will the Grey Cup no doubt about it! There is no other team that can compare we are the greatest!

There you go happy! Now I will go outside and laugh!

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Hey redwhite2005, based on some of your various posts, it does not appear that you are mentally challenged (the politically correct way of saying it), therefore,all he was asking if you were slow.

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