Nate Davis/Ex Sask. Roughrider DL

Anyone out there know about Nate Davis' contract,and whether the Lions can afford him?As much as I'll miss Carl Kidd and his white Hummer at the Stadium,I think Davis would make the Lions DL better,and deeper than it was.Heres hoping Wally and Dave Richie are thinking the same way I am.Davis is a great stand up guy with great locker room presence. :smiley:

Disagree, our D-Line is pretty good as it is. While Nate Davis is a pretty good player, age is working against him.

With Hunt, Williams, Johnson, and the fellow with the long name that I can't pronounce or spell, I like our D-Line, and I'm sure Wally will bring in some rookies to look at training camp.

I'd pass on him. The money can be used elsewhere.

You mean Nautyn Mckay-Loescher Sport ? If you're referring to him , he's a free agent and going back east where he's from .

Davis wouldn't fit into our D-line as he's a middle guy and we already got two of the best in the middle in Hunt and Williams .
Wilson went to the NFL but Davis couldn't take his spot either as Wilson was a speedy rush end , something Davis ain't. Plus we got some guys up and coming , like Ricky Foley and Kirk who was a backup last season .Then there was Bell who pushed Hunt for the job in training camp , I think he's still around. No doubt we'll see a couple of new guys in camp who'll be interesting too.

In '06 we had the best D-line in the league , we lost Wilson . But Wilson was the most replaceable of the four IMO.

Thats the name pennw. Thanks

I agree, I like our D-line, I forgot about Bell. I think bringing in someone new to work with the core thats already there is the way to go.

Good points by Penn. Davis isn't better than Hunt and not nearly as good as Williams. Why bring him in as a back up when they've already got Matt Kirk as the third DT?

As good as the Lions D-Line was last year, if Foley ends up moving back to DE, it will be even more dominant this year. No idea how teams would be able to block everybody up front with that starting four. Plus, it gives a huge ratio advantage with a pair of Canadians starting at the ends.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Foley in that DE spot myself too . He should develop into a real good one . Hope that works out.