Nate Davis an Alouette in 2006?!!?

Check out the free agent list on this site:

It has Nate Davis playing for the Alouettes in 2006 (2006 club)!

Funny thing, I never saw him on the roster or on the field! He must have been working out in Montreal’s great restaurants (there are many), so we never saw him on the field!

OK, so no replies. That's ok, because every person who reads this board has a good knowledge of CFL Football and know's that it is simply a mistake on this website. No big deal.
What surprises me is that the moderators of this site usually spot a word like suck (see the poll about if this word should not be banned on this site), but, even after an obvious mistake (but not a dishonest mistake) has been made, have still not corrected the mistake! Check out the free agent list on this site. Nate davis played for Montreal in 2006 (still) althought he was with the Green Riders.

i agree but it is no big deal! You are right about some of the mods though one in particular :lol: