nate davis a ticat??

"The Roughriders released defensive tackle Nate Davis immediately following the trade, which sent Butler, second- and fifth-round draft picks in 2007 and the negotiation rights to quarterback Bret Meyer to Hamilton for non-import offensive lineman Wayne Smith, import receiver D.J. Flick, the Tiger-Cats' second-round draft pick in 2007 and the negotiation rights to quarterback Dalton Bell."

would this maby fill a hole that was a part of this trade.. now we havr room 2 take him in..

If I recall correctly, this guy gets injured a lot.

hes the 1 with the long dreads right? if so hes a solid player.

He does, but then what defensive lineman doesn’t? That’s why you go for depth. He’d be a good addition I suppose…fits right in with the old, traditional, Hamilton kind of aggressive defence. Ugly as sin, mind you, but playing DT isn’t a beauty contest.

Still, if I was Marcel, my priority on defense would be the linebacking. Last year’s line was at best adequate, the secondary was very good and this year I think will be even better if you get the safety spot sorted out, but the LBing was brutal. John Grace is available, I’d say go get him first (before someone else does).

I'd respectfully decline on that one.

Then I'd respectfully request that you share with us your reasoning. I'm sincerely interested....Grace was the outstanding defensive player in 2005, I find it hard to believe that he lost it all in just one year.

I was referring to Davis not Grace

I hope we don't sign this slob. The guys brutal.

how do u figure? explain whats so bad bout nate davis.

I think that our most important signing this off season is MLB Zeke Moreno. He was a fifth round NFL draft pick, but played behind a fellow named Junior Seau best MLB in the NFL.
Zeke started 1 game for injured Junior in 2002 and made 11 tackles.
In 2003 Zeke started 12 of 16 games for San Diego and made 96 tackles, 79 solo.
He is only 28 years old and he will be great!
We also have a pretty good stable of LBs in my opinion:
David Dixon
Seven guys for 3 starting spots.
They also are inviting Nattiel another young LB who was a 6th round NFL pick from Florida.
Hopefully we can field a strong enough group at LB from that group.
As for Nate Davis, I am sure he was cut to help get under the salary cap.
About being hurt, you could just drag that guy out to the field and he would clog up the middle.
He is enormous!! Listed at 315, but I bet he is closer to 350!
Lives year round in Sask.
Must have been a tough cut.

I understand now Borehamgirl, thanks.

junior seau best mlb in the league.. baha, if i recall i dont even think he started over bruschi this year once. zeke is jus another push over from the nfl tryna get a job. he will most likeley fail, but i wish him luck and hope he proves me wrong.

I think he was referring to previous years, like say the entire decade known as the 90's when Seau was the NFL's best MLB.

The Pats play in a 3-4 as well, and when Junior Seau was dominant, he played in a 4-3. And of course he isn't going to bump the defensive captain Teddy Bruschi out, and at the age of 38 no less.

Don't be such a pessimist! I don't know about you, but I would prefer not to have an undersized and overmatched Auggie playing linebacker for us this upcoming season ...

I think what 'blackandgld' is trying to say is that he stepped up when he had to, and I am sure he learned a lot playing behind a future NFL hall of famer. I am happy we are attracting some NFL names to camp instead of them all ending up the QEW in Toronto.

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Seau is also ancient Blitz. The guy was a consumate Pro-Bowler for something like 7 years straight. When Moreno played behind him, that wasn't a shot against Moreno, it's a sign of respect for the talent that Seau had/has. Seau was still productive, and Bellichek pegged him as one of the best off-season signings.

We are talking about a guy who's going to the Football HOF, so I dont think Zeke standing behind him on a depth chart is necessarily a bad thing.

Edit: Paul, I still think that if Auggie brings his A-Game he can be a great outside LB.

As far as looking Regina way for talent, I am much more interested in Omar Morgan at DB, frankly.

If the Belli option does not work, Davis would be a reasonable #2 choice. My concern with Nate is his conditioning more than his desire. He is a big man and can be very disruptive against the interior run.

DTs need to bring it and create double teams and I feel Adriano has better pocket collapsing ability in those double teams than Nate. This does not translate into higher sack totals but is a big assist to DEs on the pass rush.

Having said that, Belli being Canadian is a plus. He does have to cut down on stupid penalties, but his aggression makes him one guy nobody likes playing against in the league. That is his rep and it can resonate in a new D under Rod Rust or similar DC.

Oski Wee Wee,

just ask any resident rider fan if they'd have him back on the team even at a lower salary.... the answer will be almost invariably "no".

did anybody watch the game when junior broke his arm, i almost puked. wow

They said the same thing about Calvin Tiggle and he was awesome!