Nate curry

wow what a catch from nate curry i really like this kid and i think he will crack are starting line up :thup: well done mr.curry

Not Funny man.. Not Funny


I second the 'huh'

Are the video highlights from last night's game online somewhere? I was very rushed this morning, so I couldn't catch them on TV before work.

Check out the page and you will see the "TSN Broadband" video menu if you scroll down a bit.

Oski Wee Wee,

Maybe I'm missing an inside joke or something, but I don't think he was trying to be funny with the Nate Curry talk.

He really did have a good game last night, and I genuinely hope he wins a spot on the team this season.


Curry sounds like he has the size and speed to continue to get better in our league. Coach Sal really raved about the route and separation he ran on the 35-yard corner route from Chang.

I know we have a young receiver group but Weatherspoon, Dickerson and Curry all showed well.

Is it just me or have Marcel, Craig Smith and McCarthy found some great young talent on both sides of the ball?

Anderson had very impressive debut as well at DB.

He Changed The Topic

Dis-morning he Said He had been Cut in the topic.

what are you on? and why dont you speak english while you're on it?

unless you wur there how did you know it was a great catch?

i watch the highlites on tsn and they show the td touchdown catch