Nate Curry

I remember Marcel talking about this kid and man does he ever look good. He stood out by far amongst rookies today.

I wasn't there. How exactly did Curry stand out? Speed? Nice catches?

Anyone else look particularly good?

Yeah he did look pretty good.

Speed and hands were strong...but what was impressive was his ability to catch the ball over the middle and in traffic.

He’s got a super solid build. Really compact but strong, and looks like a load to bring down. Caught the ball really naturally. My buddy said it perfectly…think a younger, faster Terry Vaughn

He had a Soild 1st Day..

Went Saturday morning and I must say that Curry was the most impressive out there!

Sorry for any errors with the coachs names as there all new to me. :? Photos at ... 7TIGERCATS

Hiya! Thanks for the pics as I couldn't be there - they look great!
I couldn't get the link to work with the one provided (think there was a typo)...try

[url=] ... 7TIGERCATS[/url]


Thanks again for the photos, Harv.

I appreciate that it is you
out in that sun and not me.

Tommorrow A.M I'll be there.

Great pics, Harv. Thanks. I'll be there tomorrow afternoon.

You Da Man Harv Thankyou. :thup:

thank for the pic harv

I understand that Curry's lack of size has been considered a concern. And so I'd say that it's good to hear about what he can do in traffic. I have previously said that he could be good to have on special teams, but it appears he could do well as a receiver as well. In any case, it looks like he'll be a player to watch, as I said before in this thread you can read if you click here.

I thought Talman Gardner Looked Better Today