Nate Curry - the new Earl Winfield?

I was impressed by the way Nate Curry pulled in the one long pass from Maas. It was a badly thrown ball and could easily have been intercepted. It reminded me of Earl Winfield

He needs a Mike Kerriganesque bomber to feed him the ball before I start anointing him that way...Earl was exceptional!

Anybody seen my Hawaiian Punch? :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

...waits for sigpig's reply... :wink:

BHG, I missed the game, and was likered up to my eyeballs. Therefore, I can't gie you an honest opinion.


was that what you were waiting for, borehamgirl?

BTW, when are you changing your avatar to my favourite western team?

I expected something to that

Never. :wink:

BG has a heart that is true, even if her name is a bit outdated.

Anyway, I always liked old-fashioned girls.
(My wife is one!)

Thanks, Mark. You're very sweet.

I like Curry. I think he shows potential, but the Earl comparison is a wee bit premature.

Its good that you were impressed by his one reception for 39 yards because that is all he caught.

Lets see, after his amazing debut Curry is on pace for 702 yards, 18 catches, and no TDs.

Give me a break, he is no Winfield.
A Demetriuos Breedlove maybe, but no Winfield!!

Demetriuos B started out the 2004 season:
2 games
10 receptions and 227 yards
The new!!!

1 reception and 39 yards for Curry might make Curry the new Willie Quinnie.

Just like you guys were praising Willie Quinnie last season. Hehe, now most of ya'll are saying whos Willie Quinnie. Nate Curry is a solid a player however and has a fantastic skill set.

I have been saying that Curry will be a player to watch, and that catch he made certainly was impressive. And from what we have seen so far, he can make those kinds of catches.

But yes, comparisons to Earl Winfield may be premature, and so it may be some time before we say “praise be his name” about Curry, his name is not Earl. :slight_smile:

I think BG having an alias that could make her mistaken for a Rider fan might be enough. But it could be worse. There was a chance the blue team might have recently acquired him…

Waaaaay too soon to be making comparisons like that. As an Argo fan, I used to hate Winfield becaus he was so good. I could care less about Curry at this point in his career.

An Argo-Cat fan

come on now the guy made 1 catch

That would have pushed me over the edge I so precariously teeter on every day :wink:

why does everybody always have to get ahead of themselves on these forums???

I have only been a die hard fan for about 5 years and would never udder something that stupid in one of my posts

Until we get a consistent 1,000 yards/season reciever (not one catch) lets all hold our breath

Khalil Hill was the last "new Earl Winfield" - and it was a more apt comparison since he also ran back kicks - but alas, it was not to be

The Hawiian Punch! I like that nickname on Chang. BAM! I remember those old tv commercials.