Nat. Post Interesting Take on Upcoming Cuts

A story today reminds us that the hard cap applies this year and suggests that this year most of the teams are overloading on players up front because the cap means that fewer vets will be kept. It may be a game of deciding who to keep based upon the dollars and not necessarily upon the skill level.

Do you keep a higher priced veteran and 3 raw rooks or 4 mediocre players? The cap forces the issue. This may really cause some unexpected cuts.

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I remember the first couple of years of the NFL cap. LOTS of surprise veteran cuts there, and we've already seen how established, high-performing vets are faring (like Bobby Singh in B.C.). I think we're gonna see some of these veterans switch teams more often, and one of the good things coming from that is that we will - HOPEFULLY - see more familiar faces in the league, albeit changing teams more often.