NAT OLineman Braden Schram released

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Thursday the following player has been released:
NAT – OL – Braden Schram

Picked in 2nd round ,13th overall in 2017 draft :o

So, from our 2nd & 5th picks in '17 and our 1st pick in '18, combined, we’ve got a total of 1 game played. :frowning:

A reasonable explanation here

It's tough to argue with the decision and Drew's explanation. But that's mainly because, in my case at least, I don't generally form an opinion on the performance of individual offensive linemen. Especially the ones who don't play.

This is part of the reason I don't get too excited when I see the team loading up on draft picks. There are only so many NAT players we can keep on the roster, and then we eventually have to cut some of them loose. Although I suppose it's best to have a choice of who to keep rather than being forced to hang onto everyone for lack of depth.

Bang on. The CFL draft is a quick, 100% return on player investment.

As every fan knows every draft pick is guaranteed to become a pro, sign first contract offer and be on the field within a year of signing.

Wake up Tim Cats, why don't you know this ?

Even though the TiCatsreleased their 2nd and 6th round picks from the 2017 draft, it was one of the better drafts for the team in recent history.
Connor McGough, Justin Vaughn, Brett Golding, Sean Thomas-Erlington and Kay Okafor,
all on todays depth chart

Schram was a Bomben in training. Haunt factor 8.7.

And 2018 first round #6 pick has already surpassed Schram on the depth chart and has started from day 1!

Darius has been nothing but solid pro since we drafted him out of Cslgary!

It's worth a look. Bring him here.

He's the best draft pick the Ticats have made in 10-15 years IMHO.

He was just released by Hamilton.

So you don't get the joke?

I do now... haha.

Like button.

Marwan Hage, Peter Dyakowski, Brandon Revenberg, Courtney Stephen, andJesse Lumsden were pretty good picks in the last 10-15 years. Perhaps Ciraco, McGough, Timmis, and Erlington will be rated as some of the best draft picks but only time will tell.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

where is the smiley emoji?

Question: When someone's entire online persona consists of mocking other fans for occasionally second-guessing the team's decisions (as fans do), but then no one actually second-guesses a certain decision, and yet they still feel the need to mock the second-guessing … have they become a self-parody?

Or, at the very least... a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Could you have asked a longer rhetorical question? Who knows?

The teams recent drafting record, esp in light of last night, is nearly bullet proof.

So to passive aggresively complain about how many games picks have played is ridiculous. My sarcasm was directed at that