NAT OL Brandon Revenberg extended

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The #Ticats have signed national offensive lineman Brandon Revenberg to a contract extension through 2020.

“Rev has proven to be one of the best young Canadian offensive linemen in the CFL,? said June Jones, Head Coach of the Tiger-Cats. “It’s extremely important to build with your nationals, especially when they’re as talented and versatile as Brandon. We’re very happy to have him signed long-term.?
Revenberg, 25, started all 18 of Hamilton’s regular season games at left guard and also saw action at centre in 2018.

I'd be more excited about this if Brandon was one of our potential February free-agents, but am nevertheless really pleased to read this news. I do, however, question the authenticity of "Rev" and "with your Nationals" as being direct quotes from Coach Jones.

Maybe the team is using the same Ghostwriter that said Manziel could be the greatest player in the CFL!

Most effective draft pick in recent memory. Like to whine about lack of cdn depth and not "developing" players ?. Here you go

Agreed. And I think this one was kind of out of left-field. Picked higher than his pre draft ranking.
Great pick and signing!

Austin moved up in that draft with a last second trade with BC to move up 2 spots to get Revenberg at #3. He really wanted him!

He traded our #5 and #23 picks for BC's #3 and #30

Revenberg was ranked 6th in Justin Dunks May 2016 mock draft

What a stupid thing for that inept Austin to do?.

Sarcasm for those with no sense of humour?

And to only sign a 3 year extension shows how much he must feel mistreated by the team.
If they treated him better he probably would have signed for 6 years! 8)

Nice signing!

Great signing ! If we could draft another Revenberg this spring, we'd be one step closer to an all Canadian O line. Maybe it's just me but seeing Speedy Bee 2017 highlights on the sitesuggests that perhaps he'll be back with us in 2018 . Here's hoping !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)