NAT MLB Henoc Muamba available?

Interesting read on Muamba and MTL's cap situation and we are in need of a MLB

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Alouettes LB Henoc Muamba could wind up as CFL salary-cap casualty

Less than five months ago, Henoc Muamba was the focus of a bidding war in the Canadian Football League — the Alouettes ultimately winning the race and signing the non-import middle linebacker.

On Tuesday, Muamba should learn whether his future remains in Montreal.

It has nothing to do with his level of play. Instead, Muamba is owed a $60,000 bonus — a significant amount in the CFL, where teams will operate under a $5.1-million salary cap in 2016. Also, there appears to be considerable interest throughout the league in Muamba’s services.

Als general manager and head coach Jim Popp said other CFL teams made the initial inquiries. Those overtures led Popp to call other clubs to gauge their interest. Indeed, two sources last week told the Montreal Gazette that Muamba was actively being shopped. It’s believed Popp won’t jettison the player for anything less than a first-round draft choice.

“There’s a lot of stuff flying around. I don’t know who’s creating it and starting it, but there’s not a whole lot to this,? Popp said on Monday. “There’s a couple of teams that have interest in him. People were inquiring about him. From our end, if a handful of teams are interested, let’s see how many other teams are. We talked to all of them to feel the temperature. Nothing’s going on.

“As of right now, there’s not anything.?

Muamba, a Winnipeg Blue Bombers first-round draft choice in 2011, signed a two-year contract with the Als on Sept. 30. His 2015 contract, pro-rated at that point in the season, was believed to be for more than $225,000.

Muamba is scheduled to earn $230,000 in 2016 and he’s owed another $23,000 bonus in April. If he passes his physical at training camp, he is due another $23,000. That’s a total of $106,000 alone in bonus payments. The average CFL salary is approximately $80,000.

Off-season bonus payments are nothing new in the CFL, a bargaining tool that agents target so their clients are guaranteed something from their contracts, which aren’t guaranteed. Indeed, some players who don’t work throughout the winter months need the money to pay their bills.

Should Muamba receive Tuesday’s payment, it doesn’t guarantee he’ll spend the season with the Als, but it most certainly increases the odds. “The likelihood, once you start making those payments, you’re going to keep those people,? Popp said.

Jonathon Hardaway, Muamba’s agent, refused to comment on Monday but probably feels and the player are in a no-lose situation. If Muamba is traded, he makes the same salary. And should the Als release him, Muamba is free to explore potential NFL opportunities or Hardaway can begin negotiating with other CFL teams.

Muamba spent three seasons with the Blue Bombers, recording 171 tackles, four sacks and one interception. He then signed with the Indianapolis Colts in 2014, dressing for 13 games.

As Hardaway was negotiating with virtually every CFL team last fall — the Als, Hamilton and Edmonton were the most serious pursuers. Muamba also worked out for the New York Giants and Green Bay. The offers he received from Montreal and the Tiger-Cats were virtually identical, but Hamilton was stacked at linebacker and Muamba was concerned he would be used sparingly.

The Als, conversely, were in dire straits after the losses of Bear Woods and Kyler Elsworth to injury. Indeed, Montreal was forced to start rookie Nic Shortill, a 2015 draft choice, for a late September game at Saskatchewan.

It’s believed Hardaway has no intention to restructure the remaining year of Muamba’s contract or extend the deal.

The Als went to a 3-4 defence last season, meaning they could dress, and had a need for, more linebackers. And there’s no doubt Montreal is stacked at the position with, Muamba, Woods, Elsworth, Shortill, Winston Venable, Chip Cox, Kyries Hebert and Nicolas Boulay all returning.

While shopping Muamba makes the most sense, because he’s probably the Als’ most marketable commodity at the position, it’s doubtful the team can retain both he and the oft-injured Woods. That’s a lot of money invested in the same position.

Popp reiterated on Monday there will be some players released. Others, meanwhile, will be told they must accept restructured contracts for less money.

“At some point, decisions have to be made on people. We have to adjust,? Popp said. “We’re going to have salary reductions for some players. People will be cut. It happens every year and it’ll take place somewhere.?

Farhan LaljiVerified account
Things are really heating up right now on Henoc Muamba front. 3 teams talking trade with #Als. Release also possible w/ roster bonus pending

Herb Zurkowsky
Hearing the most-likely scenario for @HenocMuamba is #Als will cut him before giving him his $60,000 bonus payment.

Farhan LaljiVerified account ?@FarhanLaljiTSN 46m46 minutes ago
One #CFL exec told me the next 50 min "will be a game of chicken" for Popp on Muamba's signing bonus. If he pays it, trade value is greater

Herb Zurkowsky
If the #Als release @HenocMuamba, don't be surprised if he works out for NFL teams before entertaining CFL offers.

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 18m18 minutes ago
I believe #Als have released Henoc Muamba. Official confirmation should come Tuesday at some point.

Too bad he will likely work out for NFL clubs before we find out which CFL team he’ll end up with.

Another example of why we need guaranteed contracts in the CFL.

Drew Edwards Retweeted
#AlsMTL ?@MTLAlouettes 17m17 minutes ago

The Alouettes have confirmed that they have released national LB Henoc Muamba. #AlsMTL

Cant be much cap room out there given all of the signings.
Will be interesting to see what happens post his NFL tryouts, and which team clears out some room to sign him.
Montreal certainly didn't do him any favours by waiting until after the signing period started, not to mention not honouring their original contract altogether.

With Reed gone in free agency to the Stamps, Freddy Plesius would be next up, with Byron Archambault as his backup. Both are great special team players and this move could really help the ratio. :smiley: I don't think we need Muamba.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

These would Crush the league not good idea .

The league is only now on great footing everywhere

guaranteed contracts are step wrong Direction when league is just starting turn a profit everywhere.

Maybe if the league has 10 years of economic stability Then we could talk about it

But the ground is too shaky now

Disagree completely.
Guaranteed contracts keep players in the same cities, forces teams to be smarter with their money rather than throw a ton at a player (See Muamba) then cut him when someone else comes along or they choose to change direction. It forces parity and doesn't allow teams to sign players just because they feel like it that day. Im sure players would take less money to know that their contract is guaranteed.
You're looking at it from the league's point of view, im looking at it from the players point of view.
Salary cap is still a salary cap. Doesn't matter whether its guaranteed or not.

The money that Popp was paying this kids was ridiculous. No other team will sign Muamba for that kind of cash unless they run into serious injury trouble to national starters in training camp.

" The offers he received from Montreal and the Tiger-Cats were virtually identical, but Hamilton was stacked at linebacker and Muamba was concerned he would be used sparingly."

Not everything written by the press is true.

Herb Zurkowsky of the Montreal Gazette is the beat writer for the Al's that broke the story 3 days before it happened.
His reporting is extremely solid, he would not break a story until he is sure about it.
Herb knew the amount of the bonus, when it was due, along with other bonuses like another $23K was due at Training camp on passing his physical and that he was being put up for trade and finally that he was going to be released outright, before anyone else.
It all played out exactly as he reported it in advance,

An anonymous CFL player joins in on the exchange of opinions expressed, earlier in this thread, by Crash and Robofan209:

[url=] ... age-of-us/[/url]

Absolutely agree with him except where he says the players are partly responsible. We saw what they did during their negotiations two years ago. They are entirely responsible for the situation they are in. They could not have been in a better situation to strike and impose things like revenue sharing and control systems that would shift some of the ridiculous management and coaching money to the players but they chose the bribe money...

They are still holding up a doping testing agreement as we speak.

Like PatLynch says; go with Plesius and have Archambault back him up. These two were both nasty linebackers coming out of college.

It would work and look something like this and your ratio would be a 4/8 Cdn/Imp split. Based on our current line-up and roster the depth chart as it stands right now would look something like this. The back-field right now is a concern and extremely thin and needs some beefing up but hopefully E.Davis re-signs and soon. Also keep in mind that both Sears and Murray have both seen action at LB and are very versatile players that you can plug and play at multiple positions as well as Butler who can also play Linebacker as well as Safety. Hoffman-Ellis can also play inside as well as in the middle, so as you can see we do have plenty of options and versatility on the roster already. It would be nice to sign a player of the quality of Muamba but I don't think we really need him at the moment and I think we will be fine on 'D' without him. I also have Nevis ahead of Gaydosh but it could go the other way on the depth chart so basically right now as it stands the Defence could hypothetically start 5 Canadians with 3 quality Canadians that are already proven as starters (Laurent/Stephen/Butler)and another 2 (Plesius/Gaydosh) that could be potential starters as well on this team this upcoming season.

DE......John Chick * (Everett Elfensen)
DT.....Drake Nevis* (Linden Gaydosh)
DT.....Ted Laurent (Mike Atkinson)(E.Gill)
DE.....Adrian Tracey*(Troy Davis*)
OLB..Simoni Lawrence*
MLB..Fred Plesius (Byron Archembault)(R.O'Mara)
OLB..Alex Hoffman-Ellis*(B.Landry)(J.Langa)
CB....Courtney Stephen
CB....DeMond Washington*
HB....Johnny Sears*(Tevron Brandon*-rookie)
HB....Rico Murray*
S.......Craig Butler (M.Daly)

........* Denotes Import or International

NEWS 1130 SportsVerified account ?@NEWS1130Sports 2h2 hours ago
Just talked with free agent linebacker Henoc Muamba who says he will know shortly on if he signs in the NFL. #CFL

Hopefully we get him. With him and Plesius we would have mlb 1 and mlb 1a, imo. :thup: