Nasty Weather Coming Our Way

Reports from "The Weather Channel" indicate nasty storms headed our way. London, Cambridge, Brantford, Hamilton, Oakville are under tornado watch.

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Yup..the weather radar looks bad.... :o

click here

Note....this is an on-going radar link and will show nothing in a few guys have all the fun. all we get is heat, or rain. :slight_smile:

Oh joy. Sorry Ockham, I wasn’t trying to highjack your thread.

Can't wait for real cfl football weather.....snow. :cowboy:

This humidity is a killer. :cry:

looks like it skipped hamilton mountain…


We managed to get our whole softball game in without a drop on the West Mountain.

Also looks like great football weather tomorrow, 25 and 0% chance of rain in the evening.

Here are a couple more links to track the weather:
Hourly forecast
Local Radar

It is raining on game day for the first time since the Caretaker took over. I am taking it as a sign that we are washing away all the bad football that has been played and turning the corner to sunnier days. TSN turning point of the franchises luck on the field July 28,2006.