Nasty hit on Boldin

Arizona`s Boldin took a nasty hit at the end of the Cards-Jets game. The guys at halftime seemed to think the Jets player will be fined or suspended.

But Im sort of on the fence with this issue. It wasnt a late or illegal hit, but it was a helmet-to-helmet. I wish the video was a little clearer, but to me it doesn`t look intentional.

What do others think...

Eric Smith (the guy that performed that nasty hit) has been suspended for one game and fined $50,000.

Boldin seems to be okay so thats good news :thup:

I'm not sure I agree with that. If the league wanted to punish him, that's fine, but they should have either suspended him or given him a fine. I think giving him both was a bit harsh.

And good to hear Boldin is doing good. Buddy took a couple nasty hits... :?

But a helmet to helmet hit IS illegal.
They fined and suspended him because the hit was illegal.

This fine was pure BS. If Boldin hadn't been hit by Kerry Rhodes less that second before Eric Smith got there, this would not have happened. So instead the NFL is taking away 1/5 of this man's take home income.

It looks like Smith is going to appeal both. Not sure I agree with that. If he wanted to appeal either the suspension or the fine, I'd support him, but I think he should take one of them.

New York Jets safety Eric Smith is appealing a one-game suspension and $50,000 US fine levied by the NFL for his vicious helmet-to-helmet hit on Arizona receiver Anquan Boldin last week.

Smith was taking action on Monday, according to head coach Eric Mangini, and a decision could come later in the day or Tuesday.

"Nothing has been finalized with that yet," Mangini said. "It still has to go through the appeal process."

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pfft id appeal both

Suspension? No way on this one. A fine yes but no suspension. I know it's not a true comparison but anyways, look at hockey, you can fight and beat a man to death and just get 5 minutes in the sin bin. Hitting is part of football and despite helmet to helmet being illegal, you have to hit a guy and sometimes it's impossible when you go to hit a guy to change your direction if he moves this way or that way at the last second, impossible for a ref to determine if a guy mean't helmet to helmet. Steve Simmons of the Sun commented that the CFL looks stupid and bush not suspending Berrenchea for his hit on Glenn but he obviously doesn't know what football is all about. Maybe the NFL doesn't either for that matter.

I know in an earlier post I made the comment that Berrenenchea should be suspended for a game but on further thinking on my part, I don't think so. To set the record straight on this.